The white house announced the right to self-defence in Syria

Russia stopped cooperation with the United States on the Memorandum on safety of flights over Syria. Monday the day all combat aircraft and drones of the international coalition entering into the zone of action of our aircraft, are accepted for maintenance as air targets. USA in response to claim of the right to self-defence in Syria.

The gap of interaction with the United States in the framework of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria is Moscow’s response to Washington’s actions. June 18, reports the Russian defense Ministry, the American fighter F-18A from the international coalition fired a missile «air-air» on the Syrian su-22. Aircraft of the Republican air force was carrying out a combat mission — supported offensive ground group by government forces in the detachments of the terrorists 40 kilometers South-West of Raqqa. This was reported by «TV Center».

«As a result of hitting the Syrian aircraft were destroyed. The pilot of the Syrian air force ejected over the area controlled by the terrorists of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia), his fate is unknown. The destruction of the aircraft of the Syrian air force us aircraft in Syrian airspace is a cynical violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. The repeated fighting of the US air force under the guise of «fighting terrorism» against the legitimate armed forces of a member state of the UN, constitute a flagrant violation of international law and actually is military aggression,» — reads the statement of the Ministry of defense.

Moreover, stress in the Ministry of defence during the incident in the Syrian sky worked, and the Russian VKS. And although the Americans knew about it, but no reports on established channels of communication was not. So, under threat were our pilots. Deputy foreign Minister Ryabkov called the incident using the terrorists against which the U.S. supposedly fighting. Reacted and the foreign Minister of Russia.

«We urge the United States and all other who have their hand or their advisers on the ground to ensure coherence in our work. Zone of de-escalation are one of the possible options for moving forward together. I invite everyone to avoid unilateral action. Respect, once again, the sovereignty of Syria and to connect to our common work, which is coordinated with the government of the Syrian Arab Republic», — said Sergey Lavrov.

And the words of diplomats, and the voice of common sense ignore US for the first time. To suspend the Memorandum of the Russian military had in early April, after the impact of American cruise missiles at Syrian airbase Sahat. But then the cooperation was resumed. Now any airborne targets, including aircraft and coalition drones — all that will appear in the sky to the West of the Euphrates, the Russian air defense will be considered as a goal.

Michael Shekoyan, «TV Center».

The white house announced the right to self-defence in Syria 20.06.2017

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