The victims of the hurricane «Hervert» in Europe were six people

In Europe, according to the latest data, the number of victims of the hurricane «Hervert» has risen to six people. The storm struck the territory of several countries the day before. Four people were killed in the Czech Republic and Poland, two more in Germany. In Berlin introduced a state of emergency. The country has partially stopped the movement of railway transport, closed dozens of roads.

Surfers who on Sunday arrived on the Austrian lake Neusiedl catch the wave, had to chase the banks for their boards. And to do this they had maximally bent down to the ground. Another way to stay on his feet under the powerful gusts of wind it was impossible, said «TV Center». Demolishing everything in its path, the hurricane «Hervert» raced through the land of Salzburg Upper and lower Austria, Vienna and Northern Burgenland. From-for a wire breakage tens of thousands of homes were left without power. Intermittently operates the Vienna airport «Schwechat».

A similar picture in neighboring Germany. Canceled and delayed hundreds of flights. And those pilots who took the risk to put their planes in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, it was necessary to show miracles of professionalism. In Berlin, Hamburg and six other Federal States blocked highways, halted rail service. In the capital, declared a state of emergency. The alarm raised by all volunteer fire departments. The city authorities urged residents without much need not to go outside.

In Hamburg came from the banks of the Elbe river and completely flooded the promenade. The water penetrated into basements of houses and shops. The storm hit Germany later in the night. Now eyewitnesses recall with horror that they had endured.

State of emergency declared in the Czech Republic, where the wind speed exceeds 180 miles per hour. Victims of bad weather began, at least 2 people. An elderly man and woman pinned under fallen trees. And in the Bridge, it is close to the border with Germany, a hurricane destroyed a wooden Orthodox Church. Due to heavy rainfall in the rivers significantly increased the water level, which can lead to flooding of coastal areas.

On the way «Hervanta» were Serbia, Poland and Switzerland. The damage from the disaster there is yet to be evaluated.

Oksana Fomicheva, Alexander Kovalev. «TV Center».

The victims of the hurricane «Hervert» in Europe were six people 30.10.2017

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