The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine jeopardized the integrity of the country

Poland be congratulated on a brilliant diplomatic victory.
The Warsaw diplomacy, reviewing the results of the Second world war, a single step brought the country under accusations of unseemly deeds, but still
has laid the legal Foundation for the annexation by Poland of the Ukrainian territory.
Moreover, the Kiev side during this political abuse, just happy. The catch, however, noticed son
Nazi Roman Shukhevych Yuri. The pace of Ukrainian patriots to spite Russia
themselves can start to cause injury to yourself…

A «Declaration of solidarity» of the parliaments of Poland,
Lithuania and Ukraine about the events of world war II were adopted by the Ukrainian
The Verkhovna Rada. Kiev MPs laid the blame for what happened in the 30s — 40s
years of the twentieth century in the Soviet Union:

«We draw attention to the fact that the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact of 23 August 1939, the prisoner of two totalitarian regimes — Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, led to the explosion on 1 September of the Second world war caused by the aggression of Germany, which 17 Sep joined the Soviet Union.»

Condemned the Ukrainian parliamentarians and the decisions of the Yalta 1945
informed that, in their opinion, led to «enslavement» of the Eastern and
Central Europe.

It was a real theatre of the absurd. Well, Poland. If
swinging in one direction to the moral factor and the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers,
gave their lives for the liberation of Poland and the survival of the Polish people,
Warsaw this piece of paper will solve some historical and political problems.
But what was the thinking in Kiev?

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The Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov
ironically reminded
Ukraine itself was part of the Soviet Union (according to the 1991 law
Ukraine officially declared itself successor of the USSR), and, hence, Kyiv
members made on the empty place of public flogging to themselves.

The son of the leader of the UPA* and officer
Abwehr and SS Roman Shukhevych Yuri poked his
colleagues-deputies by the nose that they actually opened a Pandora’s box. The former leader of the
UNA-UNSO* called Ukrainian parliamentarians voted for the adoption of the Declaration,
buffoons and explained that Warsaw considers the Ukrainian Western territory
as a Polish land. And the document legitimized their claims.

In this Shukhevych-Junior rights. After All,Western Ukraine,
Bukovina, Transcarpathia, and southern Bessarabia were annexed to Ukraine in
the events of 1939 — 40 and the great Patriotic war. And condemning
Soviet Union, Kiev is obliged from all of this voluntarily to give up!

The poles blame the Soviet Union the reasons are. They need to «hide
your dirty linen in public». And in fact, they can remember how they, «in
gratitude» for the granting of independence attacked in 1919 at
Soviet Russia isleading a war on several fronts, and annexed it
Western Ukraine and Western Belarus, which back then in 1939!

Still can remember the events of 1938,
when Poland, along with Germany, became one of the main «architects»
The Munich agreement (directly endorsed by Western Europe and indirectly
America). It’s not Moscow, namely Warsaw shared with the Berlin
Budapest occupied Czechoslovakia. Moreover, Poland has blocked any
Soviet attempts to provide Czechoslovakia with military assistance and consultations with
Britain, France and the USA in order to provoke the Soviet Union into the war and
to perform together with the German Nazis of the «United anti-Bolshevik front».

Despite all the meanness of the Polish authorities of those times, Moscow,
choosing between Berlin and Warsaw, after all, had originally planned to sign
documents on non-aggression and mutual assistance, not with Germany, namely Poland. But
official Warsaw Moscow harshly refused, and the Soviet government to
to delay the beginning of Hitler’s aggression and to make the separation in the anti-Soviet
the Western block, then went to the signing of the Treaty of Berlin. However, for
Poland is already little difference — Hitler took the decision to attack her
about six months before the outbreak of war. The Soviet Union simply returned
the territory annexed for twenty years before Russia and Poland

The concept of the «expanding living space»
East and «racial inferiority» of the Slavs was designed by Hitler
back in the 1920-ies. To lay in such a situation the Soviet Union «responsibility»
at the outbreak of the Second world war — is simply immoral.

Photo: reuters

And to abandon the role of the winner of Nazism is stupid. After all, fascist
a coalition including the won, and the Ukrainians — here only a part of the red Army.
Millions of Ukrainians! According to the latest Declaration, it turns out, they are not heroes, and
the aggressors?

It would, by the way, it’s funny, if Kiev and Warsaw in
the joint Declaration would have to define «real» heroes.
After all, those who glorify Kiev — made one of the most ambitious in the history
crimes against the poles. Yes, and he served faithfully for the Third Reich (large
part of the «asset» of the UPA came from the ranks of the Nazi power structures, the creation of the Ukrainian insurgent army initiated Ribbentrop, and
implemented Department Canaris and Himmler).

In General, though Kiev is ready. Rada adopted the Declaration
not just a shameful act of political madness, a kind of «turnout
confession», which probably was enthusiastic in Warsaw. Right
Poland in Lviv even more not necessary to prove — the Ukrainian authorities themselves in
all confessed.

Primitive nationalism one more good brought…

(*prohibited in Russia organizations)

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine jeopardized the integrity of the country 22.10.2016

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