The US said that Russia appropriates their achievements in Syria

White house spokesman Josh earnest on Monday at a briefing in Washington declared that Russia has achieved nothing in the fight against the terrorist group «Islamic state» (another name — DAYS, banned in Russia) in Syria, and therefore has to usurp the
record of the international
the coalition headed by the USA.

«Over the past
seven months Russia has not achieved any targets in the fight against «Islamic
state» towards which she could refer.
Instead, they had to declare that they carried out a successful operation,
which was conducted by the United States and our coalition partners»
, — quotes RIA «news» the statement of Ernest.

However, he
noted that the Russian operation in Syria should be considered only
progress in the fight against the extremists, because it was declared as
stated objective.

The white house also «stated» that the patience of the US and «the rest» regarding Moscow’s actions in Syria came to an end.» In addition, he, according to the Agency «Interfax», said that the Russian Federation failed to unite the international community in the fight against terrorism, so now she’s trying to help the Assad regime in Syria with the help of one Iran.

Earlier on Monday, the official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby said about Washington’s decision to suspend cooperation with Russia on a ceasefire in Syria. The reason he called a «failure to comply with their obligations by Moscow». The Russian foreign Ministry, for its part, stressed that the way Washington is failing to implement the agreement on ATS, trying to shift the blame on Moscow.

The US said that Russia appropriates their achievements in Syria 04.10.2016

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