The US air force sent to the Korean Peninsula «nuclear sniffer»

The tasks aimed to the region of the aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix is to collect samples of particles from the atmosphere, which can identify nuclear tests of the DPRK.

United States air force sent this morning aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix, unofficially called «nuclear sniffer» to the Korean Peninsula, media reported citing a source in the us government. Such a step, the US authorities made in connection with the possibility of an upcoming nuclear test in North Korea.

— Special-purpose aircraft WC-135 «Phoenix» has made an emergency sortie over the East sea, said the source, who asked to remain anonymous. — His task is to collect samples from the atmosphere, to detect and identify a nuclear explosion.

Note, in the last 10 years this flight was the sixth for this machine.

Earlier South Korea declared that Pyongyang was prepared for the sixth nuclear tests and intends to do it at the request of the head of state, Kim Jong-UN.

The US air force sent to the Korean Peninsula «nuclear sniffer» 21.04.2017

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