The United States will take illegal refugees from Australia

The United States agreed to accept illegal refugees who are currently in the centres established by Australia on Manus island (Papua — New Guinea) and the government of Nauru.

«I can confirm the agreement with the United States» — quoted by TASS Turnbull. He refused to disclose the details and timing of implementation of the agreement, but stressed that «the agreement will be implemented in phases and administrative participation» Management of the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

The Prime Minister of Australia also said that the agreement with the United States «will have a one-off». This means that the US will be able to move to only those people who are at the centres on Manus and Nauru, in this case, preference will be given to «children, women and families.» «The agreement will not apply to those who may try to illegally enter Australia in the future», explained Turnbull.

Currently in Australian camps on Manus and Nauru are about 1800 people, all these people tried to illegally enter into Australia on ships from South — East Asia, but were intercepted by ships of the Australian Navy.

The United States will take illegal refugees from Australia 13.11.2016

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