The UN opposed the return of the death penalty in Turkey

The head of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein, and a group of experts, expressed its concern regarding the large number of arrests of members of the judiciary in Turkey. The Commissioner has urged Ankara not to forget about human rights and the crucial role of the law. It is reported by news center of the UN.

According to the head of OHCHR, in the situation which has developed currently in Turkey, should respect the rule of law. He also stressed that the state must bear in mind the presumption of innocence and to respect the guarantees of the fairness of the trial.

In addition, the high Commissioner stressed that the government has no right to bring men to sacrifice to the lust to punish the perpetrators of the coup attempt. In his opinion, the authorities are obliged equally to objectively consider all cases of violence, not paying attention to the political preferences of criminals.

UN experts also noted that for the dismissal or removal of judges must be serious grounds — incompetence or unprofessional behavior. This should be observed all necessary legal procedures.

Another paragraph of the statement of the high Commissioner was the possible return of the death penalty in Turkey. This state among many has signed the international Covenant on civil and political rights, and the return of the death penalty will be his direct violation.

Recall, according to Turkish authorities after the mutiny in the country were laid off more than 2,700 judges and prosecutors, among which 755 were arrested.

The UN opposed the return of the death penalty in Turkey 20.07.2016

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