The Ukrainian military landed under its own «Hammer»

April 1, Avdiyivka Ukrainian army has suffered another irreparable loss. Again killed three soldiers. And not from enemy bullets from their own weapons. According to local volunteer Bogdan Kovalyov, fighting position exploded just received from the Kiev plant «Mayak» the latest 120-mm mortar М120−15 «Hammer.» «The case of the gap of those expensive mortar, broken into pieces — not the first,» Kovalev wrote. And he’s absolutely right.

Specify case — like at least fourth in the APU. Entered service only in March 2016, in the Donbass, and in the rear of the «Hammer» destroys own calculations regularly and very bloodthirsty. When you consider that according to the technical Director of the plant «Mayak» Sinitsyna, Valeria for all of 2016, the troops were sent only 50 mortars, some of them have already blown up about one twelfth. Or, possibly, every fifteenth, if the plant «Mayak» a number of «Molotov» managed to put on the front and in the first quarter of 2017. But every fifteen, killing her, too, of course, very impressive. Here are the news of these tragedies.

The first state of emergency with new mortar happened on July 25 last year (i.e., just a few months after the completion of state testing) at the military range «Wide LAN» in the Nikolaev area. Items found by the volunteers of the Fund «come Back alive» Olga Reshetilova. According to her, in the performance of the school shooting there was a sudden rupture of a mine in the barrel. Killed the commander of the calculation of Sergey Ponomarenko. Seven more were injured (according to other sources, nine injured), one of the mortar later died in hospital. «This is the mortar we knew since the spring, it was as unreliable weapons, which is constantly something going on. Therefore, the appearance of two weeks ago, we were in bath (the battalion — SP) this miracle of technology was seen, respectively,» — said volunteer colleagues of the murdered Ponomarenko.

New reason to think, than still began to arm their Kiev «schitnikovo», came about three months later, on 2 November. That day, summing up the past days in a combat zone, the official spokesman of the presidential administration of Ukraine Anatoly Lysenko said that the list of irrevocable losses of the armed forces has added two. It was allegedly the result of enemy shelling positions of Ukrainian troops. On the same day, in social networks appeared information that we are talking about fighters of the battalion «Aydar» Sergei Kochetkov (Callsign «cat») and Nicholas Saluki («the Frenchman»). It was decided to bury as heroes. The farewell ceremony on 4 November was held in Kyiv on the so-called «Maidan Nezalezhnosti».

But a mourning ceremony in Central Ukrainian capital have not had time to begin, came as a serious political scandal. In Parliament during the «hour of questions to the government,» MP Taras Shepherd said that really Kochetkov and Salyuk not killed by the militias. They became the new victims of our own mortar «Hammer», which suddenly blew up not from enemy fire. Taras Pastukh’s Parliament asked Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman: «According to the official version, arrived, enemy mine, and the boys were killed. But in reality, the situation is somewhat different. My question is actually about when to stop business in the war, which today earns «Ukroboronprom»? We are talking about today’s mortars, which are the great achievement of «Ukroboronprom» — «Sickle.» We have on our mortar killed our guys. These mortars continue to use in the Armed forces. The question arises: why do we continue to let our money produced trash and then killed our guys?».

Embarrassed Groysman promised to investigate. Obviously at the direction of, the next day the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko was sent to the scene of its Commission. She immediately confirmed that the Deputy Shepherd is absolutely right: «According to preliminary conclusions of experts, the cause of the tragedy that led to the deaths of two members of the Armed forces of Ukraine, was the detonation of ammunition in the barrel».

16 Nov problem with «Hammers» was considered by the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence. Deputies have heard the specialists from the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. And came to the conclusion that a suicide bombing was double loading. That is, during firing of the barrel did not have time to take off the first mine, one of the members of the calculation of the «Hammer» put there another. However, normal weapons to prevent such incidents in battle or during firing exercises there is a special fuse. On the «Hammer» he also provided. But the fuse worked or not, or why some were pre-cleared by Ukrainian mortar.

Meanwhile, in spite of everything, this destructive subservient mortars «the Hammer» continued to enter the army. Only in 2017 APU they expect 240 pieces. Surely this replenishment Ukrainian mortar is waiting with longing and great fear for his own life. Fears the military has definitely increased recently. First, on March 22, the news Agency reported that another detonation mortar «Hammer» in the Donbass killed the commander of a battalion of the 14th mechanized brigade captain storms. And on April 1, something happened, where we started this conversation: under the plant for the same reason the APU were missing three more.

Here, I think, is the time to bring the responses of the Ukrainian military on such a rare weapon, which despite the protests of deputies and volunteers handed them their own country. The word soldiers 72-th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian army Anatoly Topolskov. On his page in the social network, he wrote: «Today the mortar 72-th brigade of the occasion — tested the most powerful Ukrainian development — a 120-mm mortar «Hammer». Let me remind you that each mortar cost of the APU in enchanting — 480.000 hryvnia (17 thousand dollars — «SP»). From such a device at this price expect much, so we prepared thoroughly, especially knowing that the explosion of the «Hammer» on Silane (the range «Wide all right» — «SP») killed the commander of the mortar and 9 people were wounded. Dug a few trenches, shot with lace and hid from mortars where possible. Was the «lookout», but nothing happened. The mortar is a very bad copy of the Soviet 2С12 mortar «Sani». New mortars are already quite shabby, the paint rubs off at times. In the test drive were 12 «Molotov». Two of them, the test is not passed. One collapsed at the entrance to a fire, the second during the first shot. Just fell off the levelling mechanism, barrel mount just fell off. After the fifth shot, the mechanism of one of the mortar rounds started to go crazy… the mortar is very unstable… the Sights on the «Hammers» of 1946. 46 years, Carl! Made in the USSR».

Here, obviously, is to clarify that producers from Kiev originally promised will equip the new Ukrainian mortars import scopes MUM-706 M with lighting, which promised to deliver one of the NATO countries. And such a sight had become one of the main innovations of the project. But as they say, it didn’t happen. From the gates of the plant «Mayak» has rolled out only two mortars with the new sights. The rest was supplied by old Soviet MPM-44M, which was stored in warehouses and remembered the storming of Berlin. The defense Ministry handed over antique rifle scopes factory is free, but the final price «Molotov» is, of course, is not affected.

However, listen to Ukrainian soldiers-mortar on. In November 2016 Ukrainian edition of «Apostrophe» quoted an unnamed commander of the battalion of the armed forces of the «Hammers»: «Came to us these mortars. Put one in a position immediately broke off the handle vertical aiming. Pressed finger on the trigger — he was bent double. I so understood, it is generally made of aluminum. Then put on wheels and dragged from the square in Boxing is 200-300 meters — wheeled pull rod crumbled. Now they are clean from rust, to make arrangements at least started to move. Well, how can the mortar from the factory to be rusty?!».

Enough? Then let’s try to understand why, even in spite of the protests of veterans, SUCH weapons continue to produce. To do this, take a closer look at the plant «Mayak» and its management. What will be found, in my opinion, explains much of what is happening in today’s Ukraine as a whole. And in a senseless and endless war in the Donbass in particular.

The lighthouse in the distant 60-ies of the last century was a major enterprise for the production of tape recorders. Since Ukraine gained independence tried to switch to the production of modern means of communication, stun, electricity and air pistols. But it was bad. The staff slowly dispersed.

All magically changed in 2011. The plant was included in the group of «Ukroboronservis» and the recent specialists in tape recorders urgently engaged in the manufacture of firearms. The first model was a tank machine gun KT-7.62 mm. Then — rifles VPR-308 for the National guard, portable sniper rifle «Hopak», 12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle SGM is 12.7. And there to «hammer» is reached. 1 September 2015 for testing were sent the prototype of the first purely Ukrainian mortar.

Over enthusiastic hype in Kiev about it somehow disappeared very important facts. For example, that outlandish for former magnetofossils mortar those made literally on the knee. And in just two months. Already mentioned Valery Sinitsin told me about the process of «design» to one of their local TV channels: «Used the Internet, literature from the Internet about a 120-millimeter mortars. Took used the Russian mortar 2Б11, learned observations, to which the soldiers of the ATO expressed by Russian mortars».

Not surprisingly, the «Hammer» in appearance or in performance characteristics are almost indistinguishable from the Soviet (not Russian!) mortar 2Б11 «Sunny», released in 1979. And became a further development of even more of our old regimental mortar PM-43 of 1943.

It soon became clear that the latest Ukrainian development of differences from the «Sled» a few numbers: the fuse from dual loader, firing mechanism, Dunga, clips and a front sight. Guns, breech and base plate for mortars — all from the warehouses of the MOU from the old «Sled», which is in the arsenals, and to this day holds many.

Still, say at the plant, their trunks are manufactured using modern alloys that supposedly should positively affect the operating life. But, judging by the numerous complaints from the troops about the eyes appears to rust, with alloys in Kiev also did not work.

So why, is unable to produce the heavy mortars factory, received a sweet order from the Ministry of defense of Ukraine? And drives the notoriously slipshod trunks for the price of a new car each? The answer is simple. You are not forgotten, that happy change in the fate of the «Lighthouse» began with the subordination of its concern «Ukroboronprom» to 2011? Just at this time General Director of «Ukroboronprom» was appointed an officer of the active reserve of the security Service of Ukraine Dmytro peregoudov. And the plant «Mayak» has long headed the other Peregudov — only Alexander. By sheer coincidence, apparently, the father of Dmitry. And the money from the defense budget for the plant «Mayak» poured in.

Father and son Peregudova were the guys no slouch. First, a year later the President of Ukraine was removed from office because his name was closely linked to several high-profile corruption scandals. The most impressive is the story of the Ukrainian supply of 420 armored personnel carriers BTR-4 to Iraq. All terms were then disrupted by Kiev. And to top it off, the armor of these machines was defective, in the cracks. And Baghdad from such a purchase is reasonably refused.

According to the Ukrainian edition «Nashi Groshi», has dismissed Dmitry Peregudov, 24 January 2013 by the staff of SBU detained in Kyiv airport while trying to smuggle abroad of $ 600 thousand However, soon released him into the wild. And he finally fled abroad.

And Peregudov-dad’s old chair. And very enthusiastically took up mortars «Hammer». Incidentally, according to «Nashi Groshi», makes your little gesheft not only on the weapon. Say, for themselves and for their closest relatives reissued previously owned by the «Lighthouse» two hectares of land in the exclusive recreational area of Pushcha-Voditsa near Kiev. There was a factory recreation centre. Now owned by Director’s family tourist complex «Puscha Lesnaya».

In the same pocket left and factory canteen with an area of 3000 square meters. There — and the former Wellness center plant in the Crimean Yalta. So mortars «Hammer» is a little…

In conclusion — that. Like any sane person, I really do not like a caricature of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko and Vladimir parasuco, perpetrated disastrous for Ukraine’s blockade of Donbass. But in some ways they are right. Namely, when I say that the war in those parts is not going to end until it someone will make a fortune. Suicide bombing «Molotov», which is exactly the long end, will remind Ukrainians of this simple truth. And why would they end?

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The Ukrainian military landed under its own «Hammer» 03.04.2017

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