The Ukrainian military intensified shelling of the territory of the LC

Kiev security forces intensified shelling of settlements of Donbass. The day of the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire regime more than 50 times. Under attack from artillery, mortars and tanks were dozens of settlements. A is de-energized. In the area of Yasinovataya the projectile broke the pipeline. Government of the people’s republics are reported injured. In Kirovsk came under fire from a group of journalists.

The projectile to go a few metres from the crews. At this time, one of the volunteers talks about the consequences of previous attacks. All event records included a video camera, reports «TV Center».

It all happened in the town of Kirovsk. It is on the LC Ukrainian army in recent days, sending its heavy caliber. Lugansk news informs about five wounded in different localities. Shells regularly fly in the area 77-year-old Vladimir Petrovich. Already retired are not staying in the house afraid.

Pensioner fears are not groundless. That night aktiviziruyutsya on the other side of the front. Since June 1, along the line of contact must be a ceasefire. However, rather than withdraw weapons, Ukrainian military strengthen its position there.

All events impartially fixed by the international observers. Local residents and militia have repeatedly appealed to the UN to help in the evacuation of the civilian population. At least the children. The dialogue is not installed yet.

Not less the difficult situation in the DNI. Army is shelling Donetsk and Mariupol directions. While without victims. But the militia do not exclude that it only adjustment. Intelligence DNI fixed mass transfer of the tanks and other heavy weapons to the Ukrainian military positions. Knowing the methods of warfare of the Ukrainian army, in Donetsk and Lugansk do not rule out that the next few days civilians to spend in shelters.

Paul Prokopenko, «TV Center».

The Ukrainian military intensified shelling of the territory of the LC 09.06.2017

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