The Ukrainian army has lost in the Donbass all Soviet mortars

forces lost during the fighting in the Donbass almost all the mortars, which remained from Soviet times. About
this was announced on Tuesday, the chief of arms, AFU Nikolay Shevtsov.

«During the fighting, almost the entire Arsenal of mortars was lost. Military units who came to restore the combat capability of the polygons have mortars that have exhausted their resources», — quotes «Interfax-Ukraine» statement of major General.

In his
words, currently, the issue of supplying troops with mortars is acute. Kiev
tried to buy them abroad, but the negotiations with foreign producers not
success. To replace lost guns in APU now comes a new
the development of Ukrainian — mortar M-120-15 «Hammer» production Kiev
plant «Mayak».

«Today, the troops got about 200 mortars, manufactured at the plant «Mayak». It is expected and further delivery. But for obvious reasons we will not announce absolute figures. They come to APU and are already at the forefront» — said Shevtsov.

In July, the «Ukrainian military portal» reported on the shortcomings of the new mortars by posting a note to one of the commanders of mortar batteries that the new weapons began to rust and give misfires in less than a month of operation.

The Ukrainian army has lost in the Donbass all Soviet mortars 28.09.2016

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