The Ukraine criticized the supercar Himera: super-expensive and unnecessary

Ukrainian supercar Himera managed to make not a little noise in the automotive world Square. This is not surprising, because the background «dead industry» Independent of the appearance of a stylish and powerful sports car more similar to the appearance of Christ to the people – such a wonder. Therefore, the Ukrainians gladly began energetically promoting the only positive achievement of his country in recent years and dubbed the car the proud name of «Ukrainian Ferrari». However, before the show the car was recently broken, but there’s nothing terrible – just from the joy of shaking hands.

Noteworthy is the fact that for a long time developers «Chimera» was considered a group of enthusiasts, but later it became known that the author of the project and the sponsor is a well-known Ukrainian collector Andrey Gasowski. The designer recently gave an interview to the edition «Observer», which revealed some more details about the fate of the supercar.

Guzowski told that the car will be powered only by electric motors. At the moment the car passes the test on high-speed tracks of Barcelona, and after completing all tests will be available. The project sponsor explained that the supercar will be sold not only in Monaco, but throughout the world, including Ukraine itself. The car will cost about $ 700,000. More exact sum will be known after the developers to determine specific engine. Gasowski said that no one is going to compete and talk about the fight with Tesla is not baseless.

It should be noted that the interview of Andrew Guzovskogo provoked a strong reaction among users of social networks. Ukrainians are very surprised that the car will cost almost 45 million rubles, or 18.2 million hryvnia. According to residents of the Square, is a fabulous amount of money to afford this luxury car will be very few. Many are doubtful that it will buy in the Independent, as the dead road easily kill a first-class sports car. In General, Ukrainians are considered «Chimera» is useless for independent invention.

The Ukraine criticized the supercar Himera: super-expensive and unnecessary 17.06.2017

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