The UK received a «hung Parliament»

In the UK summarize the results of the parliamentary elections. It is already known that the ruling party is Prime Minister and Theresa may failed to gain an absolute majority. The conservatives received only 311 seats out of 326 required. A disappointing result was the occasion for debate about the possible resignation of the British Prime Minister.

Party conservatives, led by Prime Minister Theresa may, has formally won the election. The tories took the most seats in Parliament. But actually, it is a defeat. The conservatives are not gaining the 326 seats needed to form a parliamentary majority. They lacked about a dozen places. Their main opponents, labour — 260. But the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn feels like a winner, reports «TV Center».

Theresa may is not going to leave the post of Prime Minister

The UK received a «hung Parliament» 10.06.2017

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