The triumph of protectionism over common sense

The success of the Russian defense industry on foreign markets (the most striking of which was though not yet completed, but still signed contracts on the supply of s-400 to American allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia) did not go unnoticed by Washington. The United States has decided to participate in the competition for the arms market in the most efficient, from their point of view, the way.

As ordered

The U.S. state Department under the leadership of decorated Rex Tillerson announced the full list of new Russian companies and organizations, which is forbidden to have business. Another package, according to the representative of the state Department, directed against structures that are either part of the Russian intelligence and defense community, or act in its interests. In addition, the sanctions are directed «against the serious financial transactions with entities in the defense and intelligence sectors of the Russian government, including the sale of Russian high-tech weapons around the world.» It is not surprising that the us restrictions were the Russian special services, and more than 30 Russian defense companies, including «Rosoboronexport», «Izhmash», rostec, Kalashnikov, «MiG», «Tupolev» and «Dry». Moreover, as has already become in the US tradition business with these structures is prohibited not only American companies but also international. If someone violates the injunction of Washington, it falls under us sanctions and fines. The refusal to pay which may lead to direct U.S. sanctions against the violator, including restricting access to the us market.

Ultimately, the administration trump kills several birds with one stone. First, finally is fulfilling the mandate of Congress about tightening pressure on Moscow. Congress in July passed a bill, and have long resented the failure of trump to do it. «If they (the administration trump – Expert Online) won’t cooperate, then we will take new actions,» — said the Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed services John McCain. These actions could include a more binding laws on sanctions against Russia, and various strikes on the positions of the Executive branch. Donald Trump is now superfluous problems are not necessary – in Congress and without are walking of the idea that the President needs more time to steal the powers. For example, to deny the right to start a war with North Korea without the consent of the state Capitol.

Secondly, Donald trump is defending the American defense industry become too in demand on the external markets of the Russian competitors. «In the case of Russia, U.S. sanctions is not so much a political weapon, because it doesn’t work, as a means of competitive struggle and an act of economic war. Imposing sanctions against our military companies, the United States wants to keep their arms markets. Frightened by the possibility of supply of s-400 its allies,» says Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov.

Political weapon

The advantage of the Russian arms, not only in the combination of price and quality, but also in political reliability. For anybody not a secret that the contract for the supply of weapons systems are not ends in themselves supply. Country-supplier performs the maintenance, supplying parts, etc. And if it binds further performance of the contract to political expediency (as the USA did against Egypt), then the value of this weapon drops, which showed the fate of the European helicopters in Iran, which already many years are laid up for lack of spare parts. For the Kremlin, too, is a weakness (refusal to deliver s-300 to Iran), however, Russia has learned from those mistakes and never repeats.

In turn, the presence of such a competitor for the United States is very unpleasant. Some experts, for example, has written that the Russian-Turkish defense contracts symbolize Turkey’s desire to diversify not only suppliers of weapons, but also geopolitical course. Similar conversations are against Saudi Arabia, where you really need close political relations with Moscow to deter Iran (for the US, as shown by the Kurdish history, no special expectations). If Russia also will prove their political opportunities (for example, through the achievement of the Syrian agreement between all decent sides), the Kremlin actually becomes an alternative center of power. And this is a serious blow to us global domination. Therefore, Americans not only put pressure on Russia, but also trying to introduce legal restrictions on cooperation with Russia in third countries.

For the Kremlin, of course, these sanctions can be quite painful. But only if these third countries are ready to comply with them. The story of the penultimate package of U.S. sanctions (which the US tried to force the EU to buy American liquefied natural gas and to abandon the Nord stream 2) forced Europe even the meek to raise a voice and say in what place she saw these sanctions.

That is why Moscow from these convulsions can even extract dividends. The more passionate and less reasoned will of the American sanctions policy against Russia, the more it will cause rejection in the world. And the more European, middle Eastern, and Asian (you never know) some post-Soviet elites will think that it is time to conduct a more independent policy, at least in the Russian direction.

The triumph of protectionism over common sense 30.10.2017

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