The threat to the «Nord stream-2» came from an unexpected quarter

German parties negotiating the formation of a ruling coalition to discuss how appropriate the implementation of the project «Northern stream-2». This writes the magazine Der Spiegel, excerpts from the article quoted by TASS.

After the September Bundestag elections the most probable is the formation of a government, composed of representatives of the Christian-conservative bloc of Angela Merkel’s «green» and Free democratic party (FDP).

«The project hinders the development of renewable energy and is a bone of contention for Europe», — noted the Deputy head of the faction «green» in Parliament Oliver Krisher, noting that the construction of the new pipeline only increases Germany’s dependence on Russia. According to him, in his party’s favor, there was a new assessment of the feasibility of the project.

In the FDP also skeptical about the extension of the pipeline from Russia. As stated in an interview with Der Spiegel, former Minister of state foreign office of Germany Michael link, the free Democrats would like to reduce the dependence of EU on Russian gas and advocated a transition to a single community policy in the sphere of energy. «Both of these goals are poorly correlated with the «Northern stream — 2», — he said.

In the party is also criticism in respect of the project. «The new coalition should not look at this subject through the eyes of individual companies or even individual persons,» — says foreign policy expert, an MP from Christian democratic party (CDU) Norbert Roetgen.

Recall that the EU, although in favour of a new gas pipeline route from Russia, however, insists on the spread of norms of the so-called EU Third energy package. So Brussels wants to connect to the access regulation in the «Nord stream — 2» third countries and participation in the tariff policy with respect to the incoming through the pipeline «blue fuel». The flagship of the counter-construction of the pipe are Poland and the Baltic States.

Russia has all the forces resisting it. Moreover, until recently, the support of Moscow in this struggle had Germany, companies which are investors the construction of the new route. Now the firmness of this support has been shaken.

The threat to the «Nord stream-2» came from an unexpected quarter 31.10.2017

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