The threat in the Mediterranean

Duty troop carrier group of the Navy of the United States entered into the Mediterranean sea. Four thousand Marines are to maintain the safety of American troops in the region. In numbers, this group is comparable with the entire Russian contingent in Syria, but these groups of the US Navy are present worldwide, and Americans are unlikely to participate in the fighting, said the military expert.

«This site is vital to our global economy,» — said the commander of the ARG captain Byron Ogden.

The group returned to 6th fleet, which had already participated in operation «Lightning Odyssey» in Libya, for three months causing air strikes on militants of the banned in Russia «Islamic state» (IG) in the African country. Task 6-go fleet of the USA, whose headquarters is located in the Italian Naples, on the website of the U.S. Navy described as «ensuring national interests of the United States, security and stability in Europe and Africa».

Emergency landing team the United States Navy consists of naval groups and directly landing — about 5 thousand Marines, and sometimes the military of the U.S. army. All the elements of the ARG, including support units, trained, organized and equipped to perform amphibious operations, emphasized on the website of the American naval Department.

The basis for such groupings is assault amphibious assault ship resembling a small aircraft carrier, whose task is to deliver troops to a hostile coast and to provide them with cover from the air using aircraft vertical takeoff AV-8B Harrier and medium transport helicopter CH-53D, medium-assault helicopters, CH-46D and attack helicopters Super Cobra AH-1W.

In addition to the assault landing ship in the ARG includes amphibious floating dock (Amphibious Transport Dock LPD), inside of which are amphibious vehicles or hovercraft for direct landing on the coast.

The crew of the Wasp has about a thousand people, a group of Marines on Board — about two thousand, and carrier battle group consists of 30-32 helicopters CH-46 and 6-8 attack aircraft AV-8B Harrier.

On the armament of the ship there are also anti-aircraft artillery and missile weapons. Ship Whidbey Island («Whidbey island») is a landing ship dock with a crew of about 400 sailors and five hundred Marines on Board.

«Amphibious forces must be capable of performing tasks ranging from humanitarian assistance and elimination of consequences of natural disasters to large theater of operations. They can be configured and deployed to take part in the conflicts at various levels and in multiple theaters simultaneously. They are able to provide the presence that lets adventurous actions of a potential enemy,» — said on the website of the U.S. Navy.

The conviction of the U.S. military, on-duty landing group, which may be waiting off the coast of the enemy, «is particularly well suited to demonstrate the commitment and resolve of the US as against its friends and allies, and enemies».

Number of personnel of the ARG included in the Mediterranean sea, comparable with the entire Russian contingent in Syria. In 2015, Reuters, citing officials in the power structures of the USA and military experts estimated the number of Russian troops in Syria to 4 million people. After March 14, 2016, President Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of «core troops» from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

ARG ships are capable of supporting the mission of the special operations forces of the United States, says the website of the U.S. Navy.

USA together with a coalition of Western and middle Eastern States for the past two years carried out an operation against ISIS in Syria, including the participation of special operations forces on the ground. Last week the Pentagon officially confirmed the first deaths of the American military to attack ISIS in Syria.

According to The Washington Post, the soldier was killed near the town of ain Issa, which is located about 60 km North-West of the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic Raqqa. The attack was committed by using improvised explosive device.

The Washington Post estimates the American contingent in Syria in 500 people, which mainly supports the unification of the Arab and Kurdish fighters, known as the Syrian democratic forces (SDS), coming now in Raqqa.

The first loud of the U.S. ground operation in Syria was conducted in the summer of 2014. As he wrote the publication the Telegraf, in early July a detachment of U.S. special operations «Delta» landed in Syria in 11 miles South-East of Raqqa to search for hostages, including 39-year-old American journalist James Foley, missing in the middle East in 2012. The operation was not successful, but there were no losses: the commandos failed to find the hostages and were forced to retreat after a firefight with militants «Islamic state». The journalist was eventually beheaded.

The second attempt to attack ISIS on the ground was taken by the Americans in may 2015. According to CNN, during a night RAID military failed to destroy the Abu Sayyaf — the person responsible for financial matters the IG, who was also called «oil Minister».

In early November, CDC announced the beginning of the offensive on Raqqa. In «operation Wrath of the Euphrates» will take part not less than 30 thousand people, said the leaders of the SDS. The attack will be held with the support of the US coalition from the air. According to TV channel «al Arabiya», the onset is performed by a specially created coordination Council. The first stage of the operation — blocking 300-thousand city by capturing the surrounding areas, and then begin a direct assault.

«Four thousand is not enough»

Now, however, Americans will not drive their landing craft to the shores of Syria, said the chief editor of the magazine «Arsenal of the Fatherland», a reserve Colonel Victor murakhovski.

«Either you have to be a complete idiot, because four thousand is not enough. Should at least multiply this number by 10. Plus, to draw two more carrier strike group, at least two of the wing to deploy to Saudi Arabia. Just in case — because Russia will definitely react and you will have to deploy a couple of fleets in the North Atlantic. To Europe to transfer two army corps: because it can be in response to a very different place. And nuclear forces should be in readiness to lead,» insists the military expert.

According to US military doctrine, American expeditionary forces must be able within 48 hours to deploy to any theater of operations, recalled murakhovski.

«That the purpose of the advanced units of the marine corps who are constantly on rotation on landing ships and established a group of advanced storage of arms, military equipment and ammunition by special ships. All of this continuously at sea – year-round and day and night and in different regions of the world. And the one who is responsible of different commands — there is Euro-Atlantic, Central and Pacific command, — each of them has its own such group there,» explained murakhovski.

According to him, the US Navy is in the Mediterranean sea since 1945, and it is not surprising that the two American landing ship returned there.

«On the basis of the Company of the Americans in Spain is always based four American destroyers with missile defense system «aegis» on Board. Their presence there was constant and never stopped. And they are not only from the Mediterranean sea control of the situation. If we look at a carrier battle group near the Persian Gulf — they don’t miss anything. Also, the airbase is on the island of Diego Garcia with a permanently located there aircraft. And on an ongoing basis they have a base in Saudi Arabia,» — said the military expert.

As a rule, from two to three ARG permanently deployed in the Mediterranean sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian ocean, another one or two in the Western Pacific ocean, specified on the website of the U.S. Navy.

Another duty troop carrier group is based on the Islands of Sasebo and Okinawa in Japan. While some ARG performed the task, other groups are in the way or repair. In most cases, amphibious group deployed under the «protective umbrella» aircraft carrier battle group the U.S. Navy.

The threat in the Mediterranean 03.12.2016

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