The TFR will check the presence of alcohol in the blood of the deceased in an accident in Balashikha child

In Balashikha investigate the circumstances of the accident, which killed 6-year-old child. In the yard of a home car at high speed knocked the boy and dragged him about 10 metres. Cynicism in the fact that what happened was not charged a female driver, and the deceased boy. Allegedly six-year-old was drunk, the examination allegedly revealed that his blood massive quantities of alcohol.

On that April day, nothing foretold troubles. Alesha Shimko as usual played on my favorite Playground. From this place to the house where the boy lives only a few meters, the path is almost safe, but in that moment it was tragic for the child.

Christina Gaponenko says: from the window of his home saw the – Hyundai was moving around the yard at high speed. The child he almost was demolished.

«Alex ran down the path along the sidewalk, and at this moment she have a second entrance was caught, and dragged up to the first entrance,» she says.

Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, the car went on the baby twice, and then the woman driver stopped and began to inspect the hood of his car, reports «TV Center». The ambulance arrived stated the death of a child from injuries. However, a criminal case was opened only a few weeks later and received a completely unexpected development. Examination argues that the baby’s blood was found alcohol 2.7 ppm, and therefore it was his fault that got hit by a car.

This expert opinion was to radically change the course of the case. 6-year-old Alesha could be the culprit of its own destruction. According to experts, such results in the course of the examination is almost impossible to obtain. To reach 2.7 ppm, a grown man needs to drink a bottle of vodka. A child of six or less, but the dose lethal to him.

«The investigation of the case all the time something interferes. The locals attribute this to the fact that the woman who drove the car, 31-year-old Olga has a beneficial of some patrons in criminal circles. In addition, somewhere suddenly disappear the evidence.

Local residents are collecting signatures to the head of the Investigative Committee. To support parents ready more than a thousand people. The Department has stated that it will verify the information that the boy’s blood was discovered such a quantity of alcohol.

«As soon as the representatives of the TFR saw the story about that in the Moscow region in the accident killed six-year-old boy, in the blood, which was found to be 2.7 ppm of alcohol, immediately the decision was made to initiate before the Prosecutor the issue of the transfer of criminal proceedings in our production. We have had many, among them how could be discovered that amount of alcohol in the blood of six children,» — said the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

In order to prove that a child of six was sober, his parents suggested of the story of the exhumation of the body of the child. In addition, in the near future the management of the regional Central Board of the Investigative Committee would meet them «to ascertain all their arguments». In addition, they are going to inspect the actions of the experts and the objectivity of their conclusions.

Elena Sakhno, «TV Center».

The TFR will check the presence of alcohol in the blood of the deceased in an accident in Balashikha child 17.06.2017

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