The terrorists are called the terms of the issuing bodies of the Russian heroes of the downed Mi-8

The militants of the terrorist coalition «Jaish al-Fath»* put forward their conditions for the return of the bodies of the crew who was tragically killed by jihadists downed helicopter Mi-8. The terrorists believe that the Syrian authorities must release from captivity their supporters are being held by fighters of the Lebanese movement «Hezbollah». In addition, the militants believe they have the right to demand humanitarian assistance and the lifting of the siege of several strategic areas in Syria.

Is part of a terrorist coalition «Jaish al-Fatah, which includes terrorists «Ahrar Al-sham and al-Nusra Front». The last-mentioned terrorist groups were restructured and presented in the form of the newly formed armed gangs «Dzhebhat Fatah Al-sham, which claimed responsibility for this tragedy.

Earlier, the militants, continuing looting at the crash site of the Russian Mi-8 in the Syrian province of Idlib, decided to pick up his remaining weapons. According to Arab news Agency SMART, terrorists, looters were driven away in pickup trucks launchers Russian «Terminator». According to the source, Syria Today, missile units were S-5M (ARS-57M).

Mi-8 AMTSH tail number 212 RF / 95585 was shot down by terrorists during the humanitarian mission. Russian helicopter was provided to civilians all possible assistance in the framework of operation, when the jihadists shot down a Russian heroes. According to some reports, the helicopter was at an altitude of about 4500 meters.

On Board the downed helicopter were three crew members and two officers of the Center for reconciliation of the parties. The helicopter was headed toward an air base Hamim.

In the press service and information of the Russian defense Ministry confirmed the information about the downed helicopter. In the crash of Mi-8 was tragically killed Russian heroes who performed their duty during the humanitarian mission.

* — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

The terrorists are called the terms of the issuing bodies of the Russian heroes of the downed Mi-8 05.08.2016

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