The Syrian air force will protect themselves

The Syrian government has moved its aircraft to the Russian military base Hamim, say interlocutors «Газеты.Ru» the Russian defense Ministry. Informed about the relocation, citing Pentagon sources told CNN. According to the respondents «Газетой.Ru» experts close to Hamim no airfields of the Syrian air force, which could cover air defenses placed at the Russian base.

«It can’t happen, because there Mamimum no airfield of the air forces of Syria,» — said the source.

According to him, the message about the movement of Syrian aircraft closer to the airport Hamim «should be regarded solely as informational stuffing, and very, very unskilled».

Earlier, CNN, citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon said that the Syrian government moved the majority of their aircraft closer to the Russian military base to protect equipment and stockpiles from possible missile attacks of the US-led coalition.

According to the interlocutor of CNN, after the bombing of April 6 cruise missiles «Tomahawk» Syrian airbase Shirt began relocation of the air force Syria to the international airport of Bassel Assad in the immediate vicinity of the Russian military base Hamim.

In Damascus reportedly believe that the proximity of the Russian base will force the Pentagon to refrain from any further blows.

Us military official also told CNN that deployed military aircraft — the most efficient part of the aviation of the Syrian government.

Previously, Pentagon officials said that the attack on the airbase Shirt knocked out about 20% of the aircraft used by Syrian air force «operational mode».

In the United States also does not rule out additional strikes against the regime if it uses chemical weapons in the future, CNN stresses.

«The Syrian regime should think long and hard before I would act so recklessly in violation of international law against the use of chemical weapons,» — said the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the redeployment of the Syrian air force.

«The Kremlin has no comment on the matter, we are not concerned with the deployment of aircraft, it is better to apply to the Ministry of defence,» — said Peskov told reporters.

Nearest to Hamim airfields of the Syrian air force — Mynach, Aleppo, AFIS (all three in the province of Aleppo), Abu al-Duhur and Hama, told the «Газете.Ru» the interlocutors in the military.

However, all these objects are quite far from the Russian military base at a distance from several tens to hundreds of kilometers.

In addition, not all of them able to fully accept and send planes, especially in the province of Aleppo, clarify the sources.

As previously wrote «Газета.Ru» with reference to the specialists of air defense, the capabilities of modern Russian s-400 and s-300 against cruise missiles «Tomahawk» is limited to a radius of about 25 km and to cover all government property will require the deployment of large-scale air defense group with several divisions.

«The impression that the statement regarding the relocation of the aviation of Bashar al-Assad made a qualified and exclusively in the form of soundings of public opinion,» — said in a conversation with «Газетой.Ru» ex-chief of staff of the air defense Forces, honored military pilot of the USSR, Colonel-General of aviation Igor Maltsev.

According to him, the aircraft can fly to another base quite easily, but in a new place for them, it is necessary to create all conditions for combat operations — to carry fuel reserves, aircraft, all aircraft maintenance (from tanker to stand-alone launchers), to create the necessary conditions for accommodation of flight crews. Easier to strengthen air defense specific airfield than to organize the relocation of aircraft.

Near Hamim extra runway (RWY) not, and only a few hundred meters is enough to hit a strike of cruise missiles and Syrian planes to prevent damage to the Russian, explains Maltsev.

«If we are talking about the co-location of Syrian and Russian aircraft, the first, our command will not allow, and secondly, Hamim and so closely. Our aircraft at the airbase are in several rows, because the capacity is relatively small,» said the captain.

Agree with him former Deputy head of the scientific and technical Committee of the air force Colonel Sergei Volkov.

«Joint basing Syrian and Russian aircraft at the base Hamim is hardly possible. This will cause a lot of difficulties, sometimes insurmountable character. Easier, as strange as may seem that the proposal to build another airbase, the Syrian. But most importantly — we are not at war with the United States of America. And the plans of the military-political leadership of Russia is no such clause,» said Volkov.

Officially, neither the defense Ministry nor the General staff of the Syrian redeployment not comment.

The Syrian air force will protect themselves 21.04.2017

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