The state Duma refused to introduce a progressive tax

As noted by the first Deputy head of the faction Andrei Isayev: «Income tax is one of the elements of tax policy. Pointless to reform one element, not knowing how in General trying to build this tax policy. So I think in 2018 we need to discuss all the possibilities, discuss the pros and cons, including the scale of progressive tax, but now in the form in which he proposed our colleagues from the opposition factions, we support this project will not, because we understand that the benefit of the people it is very will not bring». In addition, in his opinion, the differentiation rate personal income tax will create a queue in the tax office.

All four bills were proposed different variants of the tax. Without details (rate between minimum and maximum) they are.

The Communist party proposes to begin the progression from 4.8 million in annual revenue, and the maximum (50%) to take after to 12 million rubles per year. LDPR offers annual income up to 180 thousand rubles do not impose, the progression to start with 2.4 million rubles per year, from 100 million to 29 million charge 568,6 thousand rubles + 70% .

«A just Russia» (Oleg Nilov) moderately suggested 18% of revenues from 5 million to 50 million rubles a year, income over 500 million roubles a year — 28% (in another embodiment, member 50% for income over 200 million).

For the past sixteen years since the failure of the progressive, personal income tax charges in Russia has increased more than seven – fold to 3,185 trillion rubles in 2016, specifies the leading specialist of «ALOR Broker» Eugene Korukhin, otocac increase year-on-year by 10%. He believes that increased tax deductions can only contribute to a gradual increase in the minimum wage, while the growth of real incomes of the population again showed a negative trend: in September, they fell by 2.7%, at an annual rate of 2.8%.

Reading Eugene Korukhin that the rejection of the proposed bills is dictated by the view that at the present time in Russia there is urgent need of conducting a progressive scale of personal income tax: the budgets of the regions greatly imposed without serious policy deficits and spending cuts allows to restrain the appetites of some of the republics.

In countries such as USA, China, France, UK and many others where the level of maximum tax comes to 50-60%, not only the level of taxes, but the level of incomes significantly higher than the Russian, he says. We start lagging behind China, where average wages slumped to $ 800 per month, while in Russia it is around $ 500. Mentioning also that the allowance to unemployed Greeks is 430 euros, the analyst concludes that the government should consider the improvement of remuneration of Russians, and a progressive scale will have to wait.

At the moment, this solution actually creates the opposite effect, says the Director of network development UK «solid Management» Sergey Zvenigorodsky. He believes that this issue could be revisited after the election, and at the end of «clearance» of the banking sector. A readiness on «leaking» from her funds. Progressive scale in other countries encourages the transfer of the funds in the offshore, he says, «as a notice of change of jurisdiction of the assets» will take this scale and rich Russian citizens.

Sergei Zvenigorodsky also recalled how the rate increase on contributions for individual entrepreneurs quickly reduced their number by half: the part left in the shade and part just closed.

The Duma rejected the bill because the President specifically promised not to raise taxes before the election, says Sergey Eremin, lawyer at Herbert Smith Freehills. Shortly after the presidential election in 2018 we can expect the introduction of a progressive scale, especially considering that thanks to the legislation on CFCs and on the Declaration of property for certain categories of citizens income become more transparent, he said. Thus, in his view, a progressive tax scale leads to an outflow of skilled citizens abroad.

With all the unanimity of respondents «Expert online» experts, the unanimity of the opposition factions of the state Duma also has its base, and it’s not just populism. In General, the government is ready to raise the question about raising taxes, without going into conflict with people when it is both ready to provide their citizens with government services, roughly the same amount. That is, to commit themselves for the excellent performance of the state functions. In Russia, apparently, the government and the leading faction of the Parliament is not ready so to raise high the bar of responsibility.

Another aspect is that the «tax bargain» (on rates, with the adoption of appropriate legislation), engages more people in politics and makes more credible the parliamentary system. Thus, it is a question not only economic, but also political and critical.

The state Duma refused to introduce a progressive tax 13.10.2017

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