The state Department explained why the Russian flag was removed from diobjects in USA

Russian diplomats expressed strong protest to the us side after closed consular facilities in San Francisco and torgpredstavitelstvo in Washington was torn flags of our country. This step the representatives of the Russian Embassy called extremely unfriendly. And demanded the immediate return of the paintings to place. In the state Department were quick to say that the flags were allegedly removed for storage.

Diplomatic vandalism. Otherwise you will not name. The unofficial war declared by the Russian offices in the U.S., is beyond the verge of common sense. From the occupied buildings of the trade mission in Washington and Consulate in San Francisco tore down a Russian flag, said «TV Center».

The US state Department confirmed that the flags removed. But the reason is not explained. Instead of clear explanations — a short reply. Supposedly the Russian tricolor remain in the buildings, and removed for storage. But for what purpose, by whom and on what authority is unknown.

This, as they say in the language of diplomats, the next unfriendly step, officially, the U.S. government does not comment. The Russian foreign Ministry protested.

«The removal of flags is a blatant provocation. Absolutely arrogant, and doesn’t fit in any frame, in any international norms unscrupulous provocation. Today a lot of talk about the IQ level in the US administration. Looks like it really should be verified,» — said the trade representative of Russia in the United States Alexander Stadnik.

It seems that the success of the Russian diplomacy, in spite of sanctions in the East, in Asia, Latin America, Europe irritated Washington so much that he no longer knows how to annoy Moscow. In early September, the state Department seized the property of the Consulate and trade mission. In Washington, new York and San Francisco. Several of the buildings. Diplomats were expelled along with their families. In empty offices, then hosted by the FBI. Fact in the history of international relations is no less egregious. Because of this property — diplomatic immunity.

Timur Abdullaev, «TV center».

The state Department explained why the Russian flag was removed from diobjects in USA 13.10.2017

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