The star of «Game of thrones» taught the Muscovites to a healthy lifestyle

At ENEA in the fifth international festival of healthy lifestyle. The 75th pavilion turned into a huge gym. It was fun and motivating. Competitions in jest and seriously. The people sounding rod with prohibitive weight, healing trainers and star of TV series «Game of Thrones» as a guru.

To answer the question, who are the HLS, unlikely man who spends little time on the Internet. Meanwhile, there emerged the abbreviation a healthy lifestyle. And his fans are gathered here, in 75-m pavilion of VDNKH, said «TV Center». Their eyes Shine, smiles on their faces. And it is not a club party, though from all angles and loud bits. The show atmosphere is filled with energy sports.

«Half an hour, as the exhibition opened, and you can already see the full corridors. I think only for today about 50 thousand will be held here,» — said the President of the world powerlifting Federation Kirill Sarychev.

Under the dome pavilion is almost circus-like acrobatics. Without insurance, directly over the heads of the audience. Girls are photographed with a relief athletes. Those playing muscles, showing the result of the training, and try their hand at impromptu competitions. Showing his power, they are ready to share the adrenaline, and along with his vision of what a healthy lifestyle.

The festival brought together both Amateurs and pros. Massive construction on stage – a key shell official powerlifting competition. If the old – powerlifting. The world Cup final. Find out who is stronger, to Moscow there have arrived representatives of thirty-one countries. Bench press bar. Its weight – several hundred pounds. The spot, five people.

But the headliner of the festival. This can be seen from afar and it’s hard not to know. Multiple winner of competitions for the title of «Most powerful man on the planet», but the absolute most, especially fans of the series «Game of thrones», it is known as the man-mountain. In Moscow the famous athlete and actor Hafthor Björnsson.

An early rise, a proper diet and lots of exercise during the day. Of course, the actor doesn’t smoke. Of alcohol – a few glasses of red wine a year. The truth here is vodka, admits he has a special relationship.

«Drink some shots – clop, clop, clop – and sleep like a baby. It helps me sleep,» — said the actor.

Björnsson jokingly said – vodka of course he only tried. As needed. As the owner of a small plant for its manufacture. The real life of actor, nevertheless, a worthy example.

«If you want, you’ll be healthy. The main thing to want! Be active, walk, eat right, drink water. Lead a healthy lifestyle. All my life I was an athlete. First and foremost, of course, I’m an athlete, then an actor. I like both. But in order to become the best, you need to dedicate myself to this fully, 100 percent,» said Björnsson.

Of course, that the circumference of the biceps to be envied, but as they say, and Russian man was no fool. Simple by design, the simulator is just a wooden frame, and a few ropes. The lifestyle of the ancient Slavs is to strengthen the body and mend the spirit. The emphasis in the title that is on the second syllable – «Rule».

«It’s no secret that the power in man, not in muscles and veins and tendons. Trainer «Rule» achieves such an effect that the person carries the load on the tendon,» he told the workshop Director Alexey Vladimirov.

Stretched to a height of two meters untrained person can withstand only a couple of minutes. Falling exhausted, confessed to – it was stronger to hold the tongs. Meanwhile the Russian «Rule» – the universal unit. Constant training allow you to perform difficult stunts.

They decided to live vigorously and actively, their real slogan – «Look at me and become, if you want.»

Andrey Sidorenko, Timur Askarov, Maxim Sidorenko, «TV Center»

The star of «Game of thrones» taught the Muscovites to a healthy lifestyle 29.10.2017

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