The second round of parliamentary elections in France is without intrigue

France – the second round of elections to the National Assembly. Citizens of the Fifth Republic to elect deputies for the next five years. Unlike the presidential election, the vote in Parliament takes place at a low turnout and almost devoid of intrigue: scientists believe that they know which party will win.

The vote has just started, but the result is already known, said «TV Center». Emmanuel macron after a victory in the fight for the Elysee Palace will receive the keys and from Bourbon. Created new President of France just a year ago, the party of “go Republic!” can take from 400 to 470 seats in the National Assembly. The majority, which was not from one political force from the time of the founding of the Fifth Republic of General De Gaulle.

The triumph of the political debutants – so the French press calls the elections to the Parliament. Farmer, the former head of police special forces, a mathematician – here are just a few examples of who will occupy seats in the National Assembly. The faces of many voters see for the first time. Among the candidates of the party of the President half has no experience in politics. Pasta, colleagues say, took the promised rate on a total power upgrade. But, in fact, “the Republic!” remains a party of one person – the President. And he gets totally obedient majority in Parliament.

The taste of victory associates of Emmanuel Macron, however, a few poison turnout. In the first round vote came, 48 percent of French. The second is expected to be even less – 46%. This is a record for all history of the Fifth Republic.

Analysts among the reasons is called fatigue. After the scandalous presidential race traditionally active voters, the French, it seems, are fed up with politics. And yet the disappointment. In deep crisis, “the Republicans”. Though they will be the main opposition force, but will lose in the number of mandates. And the “Socialists” — and all on the verge of collapse. The party was in power for five years during the presidency of Hollande, will receive about 15 seats in Parliament.

In fact, it scrapped the whole political system of the country, the Foundation of which was the balance between right and left.

Unconvincing campaign also had the extreme left and extreme right. After the release of Marin Le Pen to the finals of the presidential race National front predicted up to 70 seats in Parliament. Now we are talking about seven. Including, for the first time in her career, is likely to be and the Le Pen. In the first round for her candidacy voted 40% of voters.

Final voting results will be known on Monday morning. Depending on them Emmanuel macron will be able to make some adjustments to the composition of the government, and without regard to the election campaign to start working. On the approach of the new labour reform. Painful for the country, the reduction of workers ‘ rights and more powers for employers – will be the first test for the new Parliament. And simple it will not be exact.

Catherine Vyskrebentseva, Eugene, poloiko, European Bureau «TV Center», Paris, France

The second round of parliamentary elections in France is without intrigue 18.06.2017

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