The school of a name of Nakhimov in Sevastopol officers and warrant officers were awarded diplomas

Naval school named after Nakhimov in Sebastopol on Saturday produces young officers and warrant officers. After the revival of the institution is the fourth time his pupils are awarded diplomas and assigned ranks.

Gold ceremonial shoulder straps and officers ‘ Dirks: a required addition to the diploma school named Nakhimov. 67 times in a row yesterday the cadets will become officers and warrant officers. This is the only day of the year when the doors of the legendary Nachinki open to everyone, reports «TV Center».

Traditional military ritual: before the parade are carrying the Russian flag and the battle flag of the school. So here escorted the graduates for the fourth year in a row. Future commanders of ships take the oath and receive from the hands of teachers Dirks and shoulder straps.

This year College graduate more than a hundred students. Many of them continue military dynasty. Lieutenant Pavel Sushko in the far East he served as the grandfather, really was a pilot. Now there is the far East, but in the Navy and he is sent.

At today’s graduates of the new officer’s uniform. Restored on the model of the pre-revolutionary fleet. A symbol of the continuation of traditions and rich history. Today in the Sevastopol school — more than a thousand cadets from around the country. Farewell to the combat banner of the school — a mandatory part of the ritual for 80 years now.

After 20 years of Ukrainian oblivion in the history of the school — a new page. Here again not only to train officers for the Russian Navy. For Nahimovski built a new building and renovated school facilities.

From recent graduates are only a few weeks on vacation. In July they will go to the place of service. Officers and warrant officers waiting for all the navies of the country.

Boris Maksudov, Alexander Sarbanov, Maxim Volodin «TV Center», the Crimea.

The school of a name of Nakhimov in Sevastopol officers and warrant officers were awarded diplomas 18.06.2017

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