The Russian military delivered the aid to Eastern ghouta

Russian military has delivered humanitarian aid from the UN and Syrian Arab red Crescent in the Damascus suburb of Eastern ghouta.

Nearly half a million people have become refugees from the fighting in Syria’s raqqa. This was announced by the Deputy Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs mark Lowcock at the security Council meeting, reports «TV Center».

Lokok recognized that in the city the clashes between the militants is banned in many countries of the «Islamic state» and the opposition, supported by the international coalition led by the United States, «it killed a lot of civilians.» In addition, coalition airstrikes have inflicted serious damage to the infrastructure of the region.

Lowcock also said that in Syria, despite all the difficulties, continues one of the world’s largest humanitarian operations. Yesterday in a suburb of Damascus besieged by militants of the East Guta arrived a UN convoy with 40 thousand inhabitants. An international official called on to ensure unhindered access to the area where emergency evacuation are in need of more than four hundred sick and wounded. The UN is preparing two more columns with. However, the militants agreed to allow them into its territory only on condition that the guarantor will perform Russia.

The Russian military delivered the aid to Eastern ghouta 31.10.2017

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