The Russian army puts the record of employment

every day brings good news about the military successes. In the division
comes new weapons, fighters show excellent results on the exercises, in
recruiting station queues. Does the Russian army
professional? Whether a full transition to the contract system? Will there be enough
political will and material resources to further reform
Armed forces of the Russian Federation?

By the way, about
the queue at the recruiting station said not to be witty. For the solution in
particularly, this problem the other day in Yekaterinburg opened the country’s largest item selection to
military service under the contract. In the press release of the Central military district

«The greatest interest of the first visitors show to the service in the special forces and formed the Ural tank battalion, whose command had already announced the highest requirements».

Russia a total of 86 became the recruiting station. According to the defense Ministry, starting in 2012 through
items selection monthly contract for service in the army and Navy
about 6.5 thousand people. The ranks of the professionals in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation grow
rapidly and steadily. In 2011 the number of contractors counted 174
thousands of people. A year later the figure had increased to 206 thousand. 2013 and 2014
add on to this for 20 thousand people. At the end of last year in the sun
Russia was already 352 of thousands of contractors, and they were 30% more than
conscripts. This was announced by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu
the expanded Board of the Ministry of defence in the presence of the President and members
government. He also said that the provision of Armed forces personal
composition increased to a record 92%.


The current year
needs to increase the number of those who chose professional military service, to
384 thousand people. And by 2020, the contract army is, according to the authors military
reforms, expected to reach half a million people. Thus the work goes on, as
they say, «without noise and a dust». It does not compare with stupid and absolutely
ineffective campaigns on forming a professional army in the 90s and
«zero» years. As written in the 2010 military commentator Viktor

«Contract service in combat units of the Russian army was, and remains moist semi-finished product: for the same meager salaries who want to become a Pro wasn’t good enough.

But with those years
much water has flowed, although at the designated times, the funding was worthy
— only on the Federal target program then was allocated to nearly 300
billion rubles. However, the control over the expenditure of funds was worthless,
and theft is rampant. Yes, and inflation is «licking» millions and billions

that different approaches to the formation of the Armed forces. Someone insisted on
a fully professional army, others were more mixed system, and a
a group of friends, curated from across the ocean, willingly would have reduced our army to
zero and opened the border. By the way, the prestige of the army in those years was extremely
low — Dodgers hundreds of thousands of officers were retired from the
the army, remaining eked out a miserable existence, laboring guards and

The situation
began to change for the better forced «demobilization» of the «Amazons»
Serdyukov himself. This spring, the dream of all Russian
Commissar: in the spring draft campaign willing to serve urgent was
30 thousand more than it was required of the armed forces.

of the defense Committee of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Vladimir Bessonov stated:

«Significantly reduced the number of draft Dodgers and there is another problem — the problem to be in the army».

service has indeed become more attractive. First, to serve became
safer in «hot spots» recruits don’t send, and hazing
announced battle.

young people are motivated by the law, forbidding to hold positions in government
the service of those who did not pass a «valid» reason.

the word «places» in the army now in deficit, and the contract is more
half of the military «job». And will continue to do it even more.

of course, said the only reason why the army became so strap
popular among men, and among weak too. In their view, the main
mobilizing force for those who go into the army under the contract, become economic
crisis, unemployment and uselessness of the peaceful professions.

in this. In villages and towns work is now really tight.
And this problem is international. The Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and
technologies Ruslan Pukhov said:

«The U.S. army is also better cope with a range of contractors in the face of rising unemployment.»

Another thing
what now for the Russians, on the contrary, there are many options. You can go
to master far East «hectares», and «lifting» will be given. Or construction
really row — in the same Moscow, for example, working hands always
required. In short, who wants to find a job in the «civilian» do it
certainly, if you are not susceptible to bad habits.

the gun stands is not «chavs» and declassed elements, as they like to shout
liberals. According to the Main Department of personnel of the defense Ministry, 65% of contractors
have secondary or higher education, 11% of them came to the army with the University

turn, allows to modernize the Armed forces to create a new
division of specialization. Recently, the composition of the Navy
there were two special forces that will hunt down
saboteurs in coastal and littoral waters, as well as to make a diversion on
coastal enemy targets. At the disposal of these units are fast
boat «Raptor» and «Tachyon», the most modern weapons and military
technique. One unit operates in the Pacific ocean, the second — in the Crimea. This is an experimental
unit. If it’s well proves to be the case, in their sample
the structure of the Navy will create other similar units.

Of course,
with three class education with modern military equipment can’t handle. And
with diploma in his pocket sometimes you need to smash your head. So for servicemen at
contract pre-courses, which last from four
months to 34 years depending on the future of military profession.

life is not all it appears on the teeth. The turnover rate of contractors
remains, although it is already not worth so acute as before. Wishing
try on military uniform propose to evaluate both the pros and cons of the service. Among
«gingerbread» — best employment, a serious social package
many benefits, good stable salary and the opportunity to
housing. The «stick» is, alas, too. First, the service contract man
you have to risk both health and life. Secondly, we have to live by
the Charter is to fulfill the requirements of commanders and unconditionally obey orders.
Thirdly, not everyone likes forced travel, the need to constantly
to wear a uniform and live at times in the field.

As shown
statistics, nearly 20% of those who first signed the contract, rip it up later
for a few months. Sometimes, though, not by choice, but by the initiative of the Ministry
defense. However, there is another statistic. More than half of the pros who have completed
the service for the first three-year contract, willing to sign a new
contract. And remain in service for at least another five years.

to recognize the motivation high. And it is called, including DD — money
allowances. The basic salary of servicemen by contract consists of two
parts: the salary for the military position and salary according to military rank. But the advantage to
the main DD are added to different monthly allowances for:

  • Qualification;
  • years of service;
  • the risk to health and life;
  • special conditions of his military
  • work with secret information
    which is the state secret;
  • a high level of physical
    training (after passing requirements);
  • significant achievements in
    military service;
  • knowledge of foreign languages.

In addition,
every year, paid financial aid and awards for excellent service. That is, the circle
can get a very good amount. Recently, the Deputy Minister of defence
Tatyana Shevtsova announced the average salary for 2016. So, the average salary
the average contractor is 30 thousand rubles; the average salary of sergeants and
foremen — 40 thousand rubles; the average salary of lieutenants — 55 thousand
rubles. Worthy payment for military work, which respects society.

The Russian army is fully contracted? Opinions on this subject diverge.
For example, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu not preclude, but not in the foreseeable future:

This will need to change approaches, to see new methods and forms of education, and also the very system of motivation, given the fact that the service contract actually becomes the main direction for future years. Shoigu Sergei Kuzhugetovich

by the way, the combined system will remain for a long time. At least in order to
the last boy could smell training gunpowder, eat a soldier’s
cereal and, perhaps, to decide for the rest of my adult life with an honorable
profession — to defend the Motherland.

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The Russian army puts the record of employment 27.07.2016

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