The ruin of the Baltic States: Latvia puts on Putin, just to survive

According to the famous Latvian writer Otto Ozols in the near future Europe and the United States can start packing to exit from Latvia. This amazing prediction was not formed out of the blue.

Ozols believes that a prerequisite for such a scenario became reckless and unprofessional actions of the European and American diplomats (including Latvian). The country can again begin to move in the Russian direction, which will lead to the loss of interest of Latvia in NATO and in the European Union. It is not excluded that in the foreseeable future a European country would give up all this in favor of the Eurasian Union.

But why Latvia decided to deviate from the European course and to turn in the direction of Moscow? Probably, as in other EU countries, like Moldova, the Latvians no longer see the point in the Union and are disappointed in the policy of Brussels. All the promises the ruling coalition has not brought a positive effect.

What remains to do to the government, has not received the deserved privileges from EU membership? To seek new political and economic path that can meet the needs of residents. Not difficult to guess that the Eurasian economic Union and trade relations with Russia are one of the most correct decisions in this situation. So the 2018 election and in the Parliament of Latvia could be decisive for the country and put an end to the question of with whom profitable «friends» who really give a push to economic development of the country.

The ruin of the Baltic States: Latvia puts on Putin, just to survive 05.11.2016

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