The rise of air travel

In June, economists at the International air transport Association (IATA) suggested that the total profits of all airlines this year will be $ 31.4 billion dollars. But now, at the end of the year, analysts have revised their forecast upward and increased the profit of airlines in $ 3.1 billion to 34.5 billion They also predict continued growth in the number of passengers and profits of the airlines in the next year. It is expected that in 2018, the profit will grow to 38.4 billion dollars.

The profit of the airlines grow, I believe IATA, not only because of growth in the number of passengers. Increasing the volume of cargo. This year, for example, the number of passengers increased by 7.5%, while the cargo transportation volume by 9.3%. Both figures, according to the Agency UPI, continue to rise in 2018, but the pace will slow down somewhat: to 6 and 4.5%, respectively.

«Now the good times for the global aviation industry, the statement of the Director General of IATA Alexander de Juliaca.- The number of travelers has never been higher. The demand for air freight is now the highest in the last ten years. Airlines recruit new employees, open new routes. Good performance and safety. We have a clear strategy for the protection of the environment. The airline has reached quite an acceptable level of profitability».

Almost half of the global profits of the airline industry brought American airlines. This year they achieved a record net profit of 15.6 billion dollars. The following year, the profit will continue to grow. Airlines of North America will earn 1 billion dollars more 16.4 billion

In second place on the margins of European airlines. They were 9.8 billion dollars. In 2018 their earnings will grow by more than $ 2 billion and will reach 11.5 billion.

«European airlines have learned profit from strong economic recovery in domestic markets, including Russia, the statement says IATA. The airlines failed to overcome the consequences of terrorist acts in 2016 and consolidating after the bankruptcies of several regional airlines».

For the Russian air carriers, this year was even more successful than the industry as a whole. According to the Federal air transport Agency (FAVT), they have grown in January-October 2017 19.3% to almost 90 million people. Growth on international routes has significantly exceeded growth in the country: 34,8% and 10.5%, respectively.

The large growth in air cargo. For the first 10 months of this year, they grew by 18.3% compared to the same period last year and amounted to little more than 921 thousand tons.

The rise of air travel 07.12.2017

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