The revival of the Crimean shipbuilding: on the legendary plant «Zaliv» has earned a new plot

One of the most famous shipbuilding enterprises of the Crimea — Kerch plant «Bay», known for laying such large ships like supertankers project 1511 «Crimea» and the project 12990 «Victory», a unique atomic lighter «Sevmorput», and a number of other large ships, during the time of the Peninsula under the jurisdiction of Kiev turned into a private company Ukrainian oligarchs. The plant had practically no state funding and was interrupted by the orders found abroad. However, after 2014 the situation in the «Gulf» has changed radically.

After the plant passed into the possession of Russia, it was founded several civilian vessels for various purposes, among which the marine tankers, search and rescue ships and conventional passenger ships. In addition, in the spring of 2016 on «the Bay» earned the first block of hull workshops, which was shutdown in 2011. Through their startup, the plant received additional 21,000 square meters of production facilities, equipped with everything necessary for the production of ships equipment. However, these measures taken for the revival of the enterprise are by no means the last.

The world’s only atomic lighter «Sevmorput» in 1986 launched «the Bay». Photo source:Автор: Terskiy Bereg, CC BY-SA 3.0

Just a few days ago on «the Bay» earned shop on manufacture of sections of the alloy metals, which will allow the plant to simultaneously collect up to 3050 tonnes of steel. The complexity of the work encountered when creating a new parcel, was aggravated by the fact that the production area has not previously been used in a workflow. However, thanks to the thoughtful preparatory work, the production in the shop was able to adjust without significant financial costs and, most importantly, without disrupting the timing.

Launched in the work area will allow «the Bay» to seriously increase the volume of production of sections of ship hulls made of light alloy metals, as well as to expand the list of products. In fact, all this will allow the Kerch plant to take more orders for the production of those aluminum passenger ships of the project SPM-150 that is currently built on the «Bay».

The revival of the Crimean shipbuilding: on the legendary plant «Zaliv» has earned a new plot 21.04.2017

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