The revelations of the Nazis: how the Germans humiliated the Soviet heroes

If you believe as many media present information about our ancestors that emerges is a distressing picture. Supposedly our great-grandfathers and their fathers were «lazy, stupid, was scared to death of the NKVD and was able to go to any meanness for their own benefit». It should be noted that this view primarily adhered to the impregnated anti-Russian propaganda by fascists. However, after they got on the Russian territory and personally faced the Soviet «tramps», their opinion drastically began to change.

According to information obtained from analysts of the Gestapo, the German soldiers from all parts of the Reich began to report the absolute discrepancy of the image of the Russian slaves from what they saw, after the beginning of the war, when Germany were deported to the Soviet people. The Nazis were confident that they would be «exhausted farm skeletons», but the prisoners were very well fed and healthy looking. «Russian fat cheeks, most likely, they lived well,» gave intelligence to the leadership of the Reich.

Especially the Nazis struck a great view of women from the East. «Everyone has great teeth, there was not a single case where a Russian woman had bad teeth. Unlike us, the Germans, they give the mouth a great attention»,— said the head of the state health authority after inspected captured Soviet women.

After learning what level of literacy have the Russians, the Nazis came as a shock. The view that in the USSR the lowest level of education, it was crushed completely. Arrived in Germany prisoners «slaves» percentage of illiterate citizens was minimal. So, one engineer was sent to Reich a letter, in which it was said that his company employs 1,800 people, of which not literate all three. Moreover, among Russians there were many people who had a good command of the German language.

From Berlin, Breslau and Frankfurt-on-Oder, also came alarming reports of unheard-of education of the Soviet people. Someone praised Leningrad student who knows how to play the piano and speaks several languages (including fluent German). Someone mentioned a great knowledge of arithmetic, which almost had a complicated situation: «I just was not disgraced when asked a Russian small arithmetic problem. I had to exert all their knowledge, to keep up with him,» said one German journeyman.

Intelligence and technical awareness of the Russian defeated the Nazis, who used to imagine Russian as narrow-minded, exploited creatures, which are often called «working robots». One worker from Beyreuta said, «it is Better to take the work of two Russians, 5 Italians». It turned out that the Soviet Ostarbeiters know about engines and other complex mechanisms better than the Nazis themselves. They easily do all the hard work, and sometimes even bring to the labor quality changes.

Big surprise the Nazis called moral qualities of the Soviet people. Russian women, again, contrary to propaganda, was very reserved sexually. They had nothing to do with debauchery. This is also confirmed by the results of a General medical examination, which revealed that most received to the survey of Russian girls was a virgin.

The revelations of the Nazis: how the Germans humiliated the Soviet heroes 21.04.2017

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