The recognition of the reality

«President Donald trump recognizes Jerusalem – the ancient capital of the Jewish people – the capital of the state of Israel. Thus fulfilling his campaign promise, and the promise of many previous presidential candidates. He understands that the issue of Jerusalem is very sensitive, but doesn’t think the peace process is possible to help disregard simple facts. Jerusalem is the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Supreme court, the President and the Prime Minister», — stated on the White house website. In addition, trump has ordered the state Department to prepare the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is not just about recognition of the new capital – the Americans actually accept the results of the 1967 war, after which Israel received vast territory, including Jerusalem. Thus, they actually depart from the main positions of the West and the Arab countries in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations – the return of Israel to the 1967 borders and the development of a special status for Jerusalem.

Of course, Israel is happy. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the decision by trump and promised that the Holy places in Jerusalem will retain the status quo and freedom of religion there will continue. Other countries were more skeptical. Erdogan is so generally pissed. «Nobody has the right for the sake of personal interests playing the destinies of Muslims, of which more than a billion,» said Turkish President and promised to convene an emergency summit of the organization of Islamic States to develop a common angry position on this issue.

Moscow also condemned such a decision. According to the Russian foreign Ministry, «the status of East Jerusalem is one of the key issues of a comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli problem, and the solution trump «the regulation is probably unlikely to help.» Here, however, the Smolensk area is difficult to accept. The decision trump has become the most important step towards solving the Palestinian-Israeli issue. Real solutions, not declarative way to him.

The Palestinian-Israeli peace process is longer than the number of people living in the world. And the gaps in it. The reason for this is called «sensitivity issues», «difficulty of history», but the real reason was two.

The first is the unwillingness of Palestinians (and Arabs in General) to agree with the objective laws of international relations. Not spelled out, namely with the objective. Appeal to the UN decision for partition of Palestine should not work, because the Palestinian Arabs themselves rejected this decision and wanted to review it through the war. They in 1949, lost and Israel took the territory by right of conquest. Then (in 1967) again under the same law took the land, including East Jerusalem and the West Bank (which then, incidentally, was not controlled by Palestinians, and Jordan). The Palestinians refuse to acknowledge it, and to sign any agreement that officially, at the international level will strengthen Israel what he already owns.

However – and this is the second reason – the Palestinians refuse to sign any agreement. The leader of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas the world is simply not needed. While the status of «victims of Israeli aggression,» Abbas and his colleagues in the government of the Palestinian authority bathe in foreign grants, but accept no responsibility for the situation in the Autonomy. There is no economy? The occupiers-the Israelis don’t let us develop. No social sphere? The occupiers-the Israelis are to blame. There is no peace? The Israelis are to blame, they do not fulfill the conditions of the world community and are not willing to give us Jerusalem.

Now this obstruction of the Palestinians a serious blow. Americans de jure withdrawal of the Jerusalem issue from negotiations and de facto General conclusions the whole question of the status of the West Bank (which until today was considered to be only the Israeli-occupied territory). At the same time he deals a serious blow and tauricheskoy position of Mahmoud Abbas. Now Abbas must choose – either to obey the Trump and lose face among the Palestinians, or to rebel against trump and lose American support and funding. Both options are bad for him, but the seeds of this storm he sowed in that moment, when sabotaged a Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

The recognition of the reality 07.12.2017

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