The probe «Cassini» sent to Earth pictures of Saturn Grand

Today, April 27, the probe Cassini successfully flew through the void between the rings of Saturn and the giant planets. Automatic interplanetary research unit received detailed photos and video of hurricanes in the upper atmosphere.

As stressed by the head of the mission Cassini NASA, before any probe was not able to fly so close to Saturn. According to him, the phone remained «in great shape» after he successfully passed this «hole».

We will remind that on Saturday, April 22, the probe «Cassini» has officially moved to the last stage of her life, after meeting with Titan. Closer to the moon of Saturn gave the opportunity to research the machine to change its trajectory and reach the last course — a collision with a giant planet. Cassini would burn up in the atmosphere of Saturn in September of this year.

The probe «Cassini» sent to Earth pictures of Saturn Grand 27.04.2017

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