The police almost arrested Saakashvili, but messed up tents

Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili once again managed to avoid arrest thanks to the supporters and happy accidents. About this he announced on the social network Facebook.
This time the Ukrainian law enforcers tried to detain Saakashvili in the camp, which was recently erected in front of the Parliament supporters of the former Governor of the Odessa region.

It is reported that, nagryanuv in the camp in the attempt to detain policy, the security forces mistook the tent, only to find the sleeping activists who were beaten by representatives of the national guard.

«They wanted to get me out of the tent, but messed up the tents and attacked the neighbor, filled with sleeping activists were brutally beaten people», — said Saakashvili. He also appealed to Poroshenko, urging him to a peaceful process without the use of force.

We will remind, Saakashvili, lesany citizenship in Ukraine, founded his «Movement new forces», which stands for the resignation of current President Poroshenko.

The police almost arrested Saakashvili, but messed up tents 06.12.2017

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