The Pentagon will teach the US army to fight the «cardboard» tanks T-72

Department of the army United States plans to purchase a batch of full-size models of the T-72. Order for production targets, externally identical to the Russian combat vehicle, posted on the procurement website.

Under the terms of the tender, the tank model should have a «realistic fighting color». The base of the housing will be steel frame on which you plan to place a «lightweight, interchangeable panels». The material of plating in the specifications is not specified. For greater plausibility of the target to equip a rotary turret.

It is reported that the layout of the T-72 will be used during military exercises at a military base Fort Drum, new York.

A modification of the basic T-72 rolled off the Assembly line in 1973. Today in service with the Russian armed forces are deeply modernized version of the combat vehicle. According to some experts, the T-72 is the most massive tank of the second half of the twentieth century.

RIA Novosti

The Pentagon will teach the US army to fight the «cardboard» tanks T-72 21.04.2017

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