The Pentagon plans to deactivate the command posts of Russia

25-27 April 2017 at the air base of naval aviation point Mugu, California will host the 46th annual joint civil-military Symposium on perspectives of electronic warfare. The main theme is a discussion of the existing gaps of electronic warfare, as well as the development and application of new technologies required to fill these gaps. To a closed meeting will come almost all air, land and naval authorities of the United States, as well as «bright scientists and politicians of America.»

The Central issue of the programme will be the so-called cognitive approach to the electronic warfare of hypothetical and real opponents in order to predict their hidden potentials which can only manifest in large-scale conflict. First of all, we are talking about Russia as about electronic enemy number 1, since the Vietnam campaign. Americans believe that our country, probably stashed for a «rainy day» system, which the commander of the U.S. army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges described as «eye-watering». That is an incredibly powerful, breathtaking.

At the same time, the secret reports of certain top secret technologies available to the Pentagon, too, can be regarded as a trump card in the hands of the army of the United States.

To shed any light on U.S. developments in the field of electronic warfare will help the analyst of the Council of defence studies of the United States «Military operations of the XXI century in the complicated electromagnetic environment.» Judging by the contents, the Yankees fear that everything that makes them powerful today, tomorrow will lose strength due to exposure to enemy electronic warfare. This relates primarily to the radios, radars, GPS, timing systems, satellite communications, SATCOM, tracking systems logistics, intelligent sensor systems, precision munitions, including laser controls, to wireless video cameras, wireless computer networks and security systems.

A separate topic is the fight against terrorists and insurgents that use radio waves to blast mines and roadside bombs in Iraq. Trying to find a solution to this problem was to remind the search for a black cat in a dark room. Fighters without a problem «migrates» from one frequency to the other and even using complicated combinations of numbers. Of course, you can «drown out» the whole range, but then their troops will remain without communication. And who knows who will win.

A long struggle with improvised explosive devices in the middle East led to the fact that in the United States army appeared the specialists of «Electronic warfare» — something engineers with skills and equipment of electronic warfare. Then, a similar service began to arise everywhere in the us military.

The report «Military operations of the XXI century in a complex electromagnetic environment» States that the United States is in a battle with an invisible enemy was faced with a technically challenging and dynamic use of the electromagnetic spectrum while blocking the environment of the enemy. Her decision will ensure victory in the war with any enemy. But this program is the maximum for the long term.

Today the situation is like a game of «cat and mouse» in which nobody knows who is a «cat». The results of numerous experiments show that the radar screens and the company almost with absolute probability will not act on both sides of the front, if foreheads will face America and Russia.

In the United States work in this direction has been carried out in the framework of the project 633720, with the main effort focused on the defeat of a computer opponent of directed energy or in combination with malware and other means.

Meanwhile, shortly before the United States are more mundane tasks guaranteed break of air defense systems, so-called «rogue States» including North Korea and Iran. The fact that in recent years, many States, including those that have achieved significant technical results for the protection of its air space. In the end, the unconditional superiority of the United States in the sky is some doubt even in the Pentagon.

That is why Washington did not spare money on the project 63431G, the implementation of which will allow American pilots to have a high degree of situational awareness, but stay invisible or invulnerable to enemy air defenses. In this and related projects (653891 and 674804) carries out measures for modernization of EW systems individual protection of aircraft, including with the aim of attacking on passive radar.

An example of this approach is to replace the outdated TEWS tactical electronic warfare fighter F-15E on the active-passive warning system EPAWSS. It is believed that the pilot will receive full information about ground-based air defense and airborne radar aircraft of the enemy in his control area to enable them to use false thermal targets, chaff, towed decoys.

Plus, the Americans plan to equip its planes with the latest devices optoelectronic countermeasures to all known systems of homing missiles, including a laser. In the unconditional priority, of course, are missiles «air — radar» AGM-88С Block 5A (AGM-88D) having a combined homing system. This is a dangerous weapon and will be further developed in order to impress prospective radar passive radar or active radar in the millimeter range. The launch range will increase from the current 100 km to 150 km According to the plans of the Pentagon, the first missiles of this class will go into service next year.

In General, the efforts of the Pentagon’s absolute dominance in the invisible world being in the framework of strengthening the REB as «against the scrap no reception». For example, an American military transport aircraft, long-range Lockheed C-130 Hercules in the near future will get new avionics, in which the operating frequency of the interference will expand from the current 0.03 to 3 GHz to 8.5 GHz. This will increase the radiation power up to 63-64 dBW. However, this set of technical solutions is not limited. It is believed that to knock out homing missiles freighter with such a powerful and intelligent «jammers» will be very problematic. They say, to destroy it can only be the old fashioned way — with a clean shot from air guns, which is highly unlikely.

Interestingly, the idea of American experts in electronic warfare actively promotes in the life of Republican Senator mark kirk, one of the hawks of the overseas establishment that among the 39 Russophobes legislators actively prevents cooperation between Moscow and Washington in the issues of European missile defense. It is known fact that is afraid of Russian nuclear weapons, and therefore sees the only salvation of America through the creation of a system able to neutralize the command centers of the Russian Federation. Well, then, the United States will strike a nuclear bombs on our country.

There is no doubt that these «pink and blue» dream of the Russophobes will also be condemned at the air base of naval aviation point Mugu in California at the 46th annual joint civil-military Symposium.

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The Pentagon plans to deactivate the command posts of Russia 22.04.2017

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