The Pentagon is «copied» on the victory in Syria

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon , said that most of the credit for the liberation of Syria from the terrorists belongs to a coalition under US leadership, whereas, according to the representative of military Department, «the Syrian regime and Russia have not demonstrated significant strides to defeat ISIS(the banned terrorist organization — ed.)».

According to the statement Pahana, quoted by RIA Novosti, Russia and Syria «made only a small part of operations against ISIS, and most of the territory liberated in Iraq and Syria, was freed thanks to the efforts of the global coalition and its partners.»

Russian experts such statements are not even surprised. As noted on radio Sputnik expert Araik Stepanyan, «the United States always end up rewriting the victory for himself, although all the work done: the Syrian government army, the Russian Military space forces, the Iranian forces.» At the same time as the expert said, America not only fought with the militants, but also supplied them with weapons, and after the defeat represented the victory of the Syrian credit.

The Pentagon is «copied» on the victory in Syria 05.12.2017

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