The Pentagon has denied the air strike USA at the mosque in Syria

The Pentagon confirmed that struck the Syrian village of al-Jin. The us military attacked the building, where dozens of militants. The mosque, which allegedly killed civilians, a claim in the United States. Informed clarify the situation asked the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry.

The Pentagon confirms that the US is not attacked at the mosque in Syria. Aircraft attacked a nearby building where there were dozens of militants of the banned terrorist group «al-Qaeda», says the representative of Department Jeff Davis. About it reports «Interfax».

«The mosque is still standing and relatively intact,» he said, promising to publish photographs from the scene.

The Central command of the U.S. armed forces also checks information about the deaths of over 40 people as a result, as earlier wrote mass media, the airstrike on the mosque in the Syrian village of al-Jin.

«The mosque was not our goal, we did not inflict on it an airstrike. We are aware of the messages, which referred to the civilian casualties, and we study them», — assured the representative of command of the major, Josh JAX.

Jack stressed that the aim of the air strikes of the coalition was «meeting al-Qaeda, held across the street from the mosque.» «Not like that mosque was damaged after an airstrike», he concluded.

In Moscow said earlier that I have no doubt that the us military was aiming for the terrorists. Despite this, according to the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, you need to understand what actually occurred in the South-Western edge of the al-Djinn who has been the victim of the attack.

In turn, the defense Ministry demanded an answer from US because of the impact on the Syrian village. As stated by the representative of the military Department Igor Konashenkov, a photograph of a fragment of American missiles AGM-114 Hellfire in the Syrian village of al-Gina leaves no chance for anti-Russian rhetoric and requires a review from the United States.

On Friday, the Syrian group «Ahrar al-sham», said that the international coalition led by the United States, was involved in the attack on the mosque in al-Gina. According to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, victims impact steel 42.

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The Pentagon has denied the air strike USA at the mosque in Syria 18.03.2017

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