The Pentagon called the number of American troops in Syria

In Syria there are about 2 thousand US military, and in Iraq – about 5.2 thousand, said on Wednesday the Pentagon spokesman, Rob manning.

«The Department of defense (USA) has about 5200 (troops) in Iraq and nearly 2000 in Syria,» said manning to reporters.

Previously, the Pentagon officially acknowledged the presence in Syria of around 500 soldiers.

The US and its allies in 2014 carried out in Syria and Iraq, the operation against militants grouping «Islamic state»*, and in Syria, the coalition operates without the permission of the authorities of the country. In response to the request of Damascus to withdraw its troops, the US has said it will keep Syria’s military presence until the victory is won over the terrorists.

On Wednesday, defense Ministry officials said that the group ISIS* in Syria destroyed, but the Pentagon disagreed with this statement.

Russian authorities had previously accused Washington of intent to illegally create in Syria military bases, which will operate on a continuous basis in order to control the part of the Syrian territory.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization

RIA Novosti

The Pentagon called the number of American troops in Syria 07.12.2017

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