The organizers of the «Immortal regiment» has launched a website and hotline

More than ten thousand stories of missing soldiers managed to recover during the existence of the action «Immortal regiment». Created a special website, which anyone can apply to collect information about your hero. Organized and around the clock hotline.

Yellowed «triangle» field mail and some cards — all that remains of major Nikolay Gribov. His uncle Natalia Fedorova’ve never seen, but the stories mother knows that in 1942, immediately after military school he went on a special mission, since the connection with the fighter was lost. From the front major Mushrooms and has not returned. Decades later, he’s back in the shelf – immortal, reports «TV Center».

«He was a political Commissar of a company of the ski battalion of the 43rd army. Also received information on request «Immortal regiment», which in mass graves-he’s not listed, not listed and not buried,» — said Fedorov.

Thanks to the work of volunteers managed to reconstruct the events of the heroic life of a soldier. The story of every soldier here as a military record which restore bit by bit.

To unravel the tangles of war stories is not so easy when information about the character quite a bit. But a few years of search works «Immortal regiment» was added with the names of fighters who, it seemed, forever had been forgotten.

More than ten thousand of the recovered stories of soldiers-winners. Improvised wall of fame is updated daily with new names. Today the descendants of the heroes can learn not only where he died and was buried by his kin, but as was his way of fighting.

New projects in the framework of the «Immortal regiment» allow you to literally track record of the participant of the great Patriotic war.

«We launched a special resource. It’s called «My veteran.Of the Russian Federation» on which people can register and absolutely free to apply for the study of the way of the soldier. It needs to have at least some information about your relative: surname, name, patronymic, date or year of birth», — said the head of the Executive Committee of the all-Russian movement «Immortal regiment of Russia» Elena Kargina.

To apply for the restoration of the story of the hero is available at the all-Russian hotline. In the holidays the phones here just dropped.

Organization of mass Patriotic actions underway the entire year, to may 9, thousands of people were able to rise to the ranks of the «Immortal regiment». In the past year with portraits of their heroes on the streets of the country came a record 700 thousand people. The number of participants of procession, the organizers have not yet taken to predict. But we are confident that it will be no less ambitious.

Elena Sakhno, Andrew Talalay, Cyril Crooked, «TV Center».

The organizers of the «Immortal regiment» has launched a website and hotline 21.04.2017

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