The Nobel laureate has accused Apple of fraud

Nobel laureate in Economics 2001 Joseph Stiglitz (Joseph Stiglitz) called «moshennichestva» scheme that Apple is using for optimization of taxation. According to Stiglitz, technogiant declares a significant portion of revenue in Ireland, where the tax rate is up to 2.8 times lower than in main markets of the company’s products, such as the United States.

Thus, the U.S. Treasury is forced to lose tax revenues, as the de jure income is recorded in Ireland, so taxes are paid to the Irish Treasury.

In the third quarter of $215 billion of the $232 billion of Apple calculations were conducted outside the United States.

«Here we see a Corporation with the largest capitalization in the United States, but all over the world, more than the GM at the peak, claiming that most of the profits ensured by several hundreds of people working in Ireland is a fraud,» said Stiglitz in an interview with Bloomberg.

The Nobel laureate has accused Apple of fraud 29.07.2016

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