The neural network Google «found» in the Orion Nebula giant monsters

Yesterday, 15 June, astronomer Nick Stevens on his page on Tiwtter posted unusual photos of the Orion Nebula. On them, in addition to the usual star clusters, are visible the outlines of gigantic animals. According to Stevens, this image he got after «drove» NASA images through a neural network Deep Dream.

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In addition, monsters have been discovered on the surface of Jupiter.

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This neural network developed by Google for processing graphics data. The program analyzes the images and recognizes her desired image. To demonstrate the capabilities of neural networks, the Corporation was given partial access and common users. So, the network can upload a photo and the program automatically finds similar animal images, along the way, finish the missing parts.

Most readers appreciated the processed photos from an artistic point of view, however, of the very principle of ufologists took the joke in «good faith,» and gave the pictures for the proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The neural network Google «found» in the Orion Nebula giant monsters 17.06.2017

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