The myth about painting the earth continued


Remember the story about how the Sevastopol was painted on the ground under
the color of the grass for the arrival of Medvedev? It turned out that this story has an unexpected
continued. Let us briefly recall the essence.

In may, blogger Ilya Varlamov wrote that in Sevastopol, Medvedev’s visit to the land
painted in the color of the grass. The stuffing picked up by many media outlets, mostly Ukrainian. This nonsense is immediately exposed, Varlamov even apologized and admitted that it was
the hydroseeding. That is, the earth is not painted, and used technology, when the solution
fertilizer and natural dye use the seeds and sprayed on
the ground. The dye is clear so you can see where you have sown and where yet.

We are then asked residents of the hero city of Sevastopol, to go and make a video on
the place seen in the picture what there is now furnished with grass.
That’s what happened. The first video from the place rented shortly publish duck, may 24. The earth is still visible remnants of green dye after hydroseeding. The second video
removed 2 weeks later, on 9 July. Grass is not increased. Operator, unfortunately, not removed anything,
it is a different date, but it is easy to check. To ensure that the second
video filmed much later than the first pay attention to the bushes. In the second video under the pillar seen grown bushes. In the first video.

And the grass, as you can see, has not increased. So here in one case two
fake – first, that it the land was painted, and in fact was the hydroseeding.
The second is the fake hydroseeding, seeds are either stolen, or I forgot the solution
mix. Should ask of the office that produced it – who
all the seeds ate?

Thanks to Anastasia from Sevastopol for the video!

The myth about painting the earth continued 15.07.2016

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