The murder of the Amines AquaWay near Kyiv qualified as a registered

Near Kiev unknown persons fired the car of participants of military operations in the Donbass. In the car there were a couple — the commander of the punitive battalion, Adam Osmayev and sniper Amina Okueva. The woman died on the spot. Her husband is now in the hospital. The police filed a case of contract killing.

It happened about nine o’clock in the evening, said «TV Center». The crossing, where cars slow down, and the dense vegetation around the place and the time the assailant was obviously chosen deliberately. Released all of the machine and disappeared.

«The investigative task force works at a scene where unknown criminals shot the car, which drove two citizens. One citizen killed, the other in the hospital,» — said the head of national police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev.

Killed Ukrainian activist Chechen origin Amina Okueva. Behind the wheel was her husband Adam Osmayev. He’s in the hospital.

«She was hit in the head. I could have done. Car — the engine got. Then stopped. She tried to give first aid. But her head got so…» says Osman.

Who exactly was the target of the assassination, he does not know. Says: both. Although only six months ago, on June 1, a car that drove the couple, already fired at the man, posing as a foreign journalist. Then wounded was only Osman and his wife returned fire with a premium gun and shot the attacker. Victim is now easily attribute these events and willingly picks up the version proposed by the reporter.

— Of course, it continues.

Then there is the Russian track?

— Of course. It’s the same thing. For Mosiychuk there, and so on. That is, there is a terrorist some kind of grouping.

But even the security Service of Ukraine in the summer, after an investigation, said evidence of Russian secret service involvement in the assassination of Osmayev and Okueva 1 Jun no. But he Osman in February 2012 he was arrested in Odessa law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on suspicion of committing an explosion in one of apartments of the city, as well as preparing the group in the assassination of the President of Russia. During the investigation in Kiev coup. The new government in the expected results Okueva refused, but soon he did and was released. And immediately led the volunteer battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev, which operated in the East of the country. There, having to take part in the events on the Maidan, was and his wife Amina. First was a sniper, then press-Secretary of the division. The skills of this work, apparently, was useful to Okueva and in Kyiv, where she continued to criticize Russia.

Recently Okueva was the assistant to the controversial MP, who on October 25 was also the assassination attempt. Right about the versions of the incident, he refuses to speak, but directly from his hospital bed ready to investigate.

«We need to stand United against the terrorist threat. If it can’t do law enforcement, we, the Parliament, can assume responsibility and to take active part in the investigation», — said Igor Mosiychuk.

However, to maintain a comfortable version of the Russian trace after the explosion, the TV channel «espresso» on 25 October and the events of the past evening rushed by many Ukrainian politicians. However, law enforcement agencies still keep silent. Kiev authorities to solve crimes, preferably with a pointer. And the evidence is not there, or not.

Alexey Platonov. «TV Center».

The murder of the Amines AquaWay near Kyiv qualified as a registered 31.10.2017

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