The monument to Gorky returned to the square of Tverskaya Zastava

In Moscow has completed the reconstruction of Tverskaya Zastava square. The work was carried out under the program «My street». Instead of the huge vacant lot in front of Belorussky station square broke and returned to its historic place is a monument to Maxim Gorky.

Maxim Gorky returned. Yesterday for him in the Park «Muzeon» came dlinnomer. The monument, weighing five tons were shipped a long time: first carefully Packed and then carefully put, transfers «TV Center».

«The complexity of the transportation to deliver the sculpture to the installation site without any injuries, without any chipping. Over it professionals worked. This is the first. Second — it is necessary to move at night, so we did not prevent motorists, pedestrians, and as little as possible, with minimal disruption to public transport», — said the Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

12 years, this bronze masterpiece of the sculptor Vera Mukhina spent in exile in the middle of the Park «Muzeon». Two, he just lay there and during this time, even a little hurt.

«This envelope sculpture is cast from several fragments, then they are going to. The pedestal was filled with cement, and his support during the dismantling suffered, but only because it was filled with cement. And the other option of dismantling at the time was not. Restorers over the last few months resulted in the order of sculpture,» — said Advisor to the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Yulia Loginova.

The Tverskaya Zastava square — the historical birthplace of the bronze figures. A monument was built here in 1951 and remained there until 2005. At that time, square wanted to make a big underground Parking and a shopping centre, so for the monument space.

The square of the Belorussky station, you might say, a place of worship for the bitter. It is the area of Tverskaya Zastava was the first that saw Bitter when he returned to Moscow after years of living in Italy. Then at the station the writer was met by a crowd of admiring countrymen. They literally carried the bitter in her arms, and he uttered a solemn speech.

The installation of the monument took almost all night. Now, certainly it is here to stay. The monument will be a highlight of the whole reconstruction area Tverskaya Zastava, which began this year in the framework of the project «My street». There will be a tram ring road had already been extended from Forest street directly to the train station. Inside break a large green square in the center of which will be placed the monument to Gorky.

Elizabeth Rodina, Vladimir Chernykh, V. Baturin, «TV Center».

The monument to Gorky returned to the square of Tverskaya Zastava 31.07.2017

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