The metro station «white sea» erected by a unique technology

The Belomorskaya station of the Zamoskvoretskaya metro line is scheduled to open in 2019. Its construction is unique for the Moscow method — «top-down». And the story of the emergence of «white sea» on the map of the metro unusual. To build the station had not even imagined. And included in the scheme much later than the neighbouring stations at the request of local residents.

First, there will go train with the passengers, and only then complete the construction of the platform. Station «Belomorskaya» — intermediate. It will appear in the area from the «River station» to the new end of the Zamoskvoretskaya line’s Khovrino. Launch it within the next month. And that’s down to the passenger platform, «white sea» will a little later. The builders are working in dense urban areas. They managed to place the pit in a small patch just outside the residential blocks of flats, reports «TV Center».

«We’re building it by the method of «top-down», we never built. This means that we built the tunnel, and from above downwards, severing the pit and build the station from top to bottom. In General, we used, as I say, this foreign technology, it is used mostly in Europe» — said the Deputy mayor of Moscow in government of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

Now at the bottom of the pit are the final preparations to run trains. Workers laid waterproofing and protective layer of sand mixture. Then the top will be placed a solid concrete slab and rails.

«We are here to make your way, platform, cut off her by a partition wall special, fire and run movement. We continue to work here, assemble the equipment that we have here and vent-chamber and chamber — traction-secondary substation. A large number still works and will work in the process», — said the Director of the construction Department of the contractor Igor Kharchenko.

The work of the builders is still not enough. While beyond the partition will pass the passenger trains, then complete the installation and finishing of the platform, mount the escalators, and connects the necessary power equipment. Commissioning of the station «white sea», which was designed and built exclusively at the request of local residents, is planned for the end of next year.

Andriy Sydorenko, Paul Sumenkov, «TV Center».

The metro station «white sea» erected by a unique technology 25.11.2017

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