The media have not found the promised US aircraft carriers off the coast of Korea

Instead of maneuvers off the coast of Korea, a strike group of U.S. warships led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson is 3.5 thousand miles from the sea of Japan. In the Indian ocean, she conducts exercises with Australian forces. Thus, no ships promised by Washington off the coast of the Korean Peninsula is not.

Strike group the U.S. Navy, led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which was now located off the coast of North Korea, they never appeared. Instead, the ships that in case of need, was a pre-emptive strike on the DPRK, participate in naval exercise in the Indian ocean with the Australian forces, reports the website of TV channel CNN.

According to a senior official in the presidential administration, there was a misunderstanding between the White house and the Pentagon. The us military for some reason did not understand what I had to urgently send a battle group into the waters of the sea of Japan.

So now the American Armada is located 3.5 miles from explosive region.

Last week the Pentagon chief James Mattis said that the joint Australia exercises were canceled because of the decision to send a team to the Korean Peninsula. Representatives of the American Ministry of defense later said the Minister misspoke and meant that the Armada will not enter the port of Australia to redistribute to the group before sending to the DPRK. Now it is noted that the aircraft carrier and other US Navy ships should go to Japan sea only by the end of April.

Last week it became known that to the shores of the Korean Peninsula sent the heavy nuclear aircraft carrier US Navy Carl Vinson. The composition of the strike group consists of several missile cruisers. Initially it was assumed that they had come to the shores of North Korea on 15 April, when Pyongyang held a military parade in honor of the Day of the Sun.

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The media have not found the promised US aircraft carriers off the coast of Korea 20.04.2017

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