The mayor of Riga has challenged imposed on him the penalty for communication in Russian

The mayor of Riga nil Ushakov challenged by the state language Centre penalty for communicating in Russian on social networks. On Wednesday the Agency said the SUMMER, citing the public relations Department of Riga city Council.

Ushakov sent a complaint to the Director of the language Centre Marisa Baltins by the inspector of the Agency decision on administrative punishment, noting that the Latvian legislation does not regulate such a popular form of communication, as a social network.In his address, the mayor also pointed to violations of procedural rules in connection with the application of punishment. For example, in the case stated that the analysis of publications on the page of the Riga city Council in the period from 17 September to 17 December 2015, and then in the text there are links to the posts from 17 to 27 of June this year, has not been issued an administrative report. The only Protocol designed June 28 this year, and there are no indications for a specific period of time.

Ushakov calls the decision of the SLB unreasonable, inconsistent with the objectives of the law and procedure, and therefore subject to cancellation.

That the state language Centre has fined the mayor of Riga for the use of the Russian language in social networks it became known on July 27.

In February, the head of the Riga branch of the state language Center Viestur Razumovski accused the leadership of city Council in «the legalization of bilingualism». In his view, governments have the right to provide information in a foreign language only in exceptional cases.

Let’s remind, that Latvia is home to several hundred thousand Russian-speaking citizens. However, the official status of Russian language has not. In 2012 was organised the referendum on the status of the state, but the majority voted against it.

The mayor of Riga has challenged imposed on him the penalty for communication in Russian 11.08.2016

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