The main ways of making business cards

Widespread in the world received the card production method of offset printing. Its advantages are high quality of products, clarity of text and drawing, the possibility of using different colors and shades, including the gradient.

With continuous contact paint does not come with printed products, such business cards are not dirty, do not wash and do not fade. Therefore, they are recognized in the business environment as a reference. However, the method is suitable for production of advertising cards, with a circulation of not less than five hundred pieces of the same kind.

Another common method of business card production – digital printing. The main advantage of this method is high speed of production: business cards can be made in the presence of the customer. The quality of text and images on business cards, done the same way, so high that they are almost indistinguishable from cards made by offset printing. Digital printing not only provides high speed of production, but also allows, if necessary, promptly amend the text of the cards, changing out-of-date information immediately prior to their production, more on Copy-mania.

Many executives prefer another method of issuing business cards – hot stamping. In this case, a hot press. This method involves the manufacturing of a cliche, which takes time and additional financial costs. But the sight of these cards is very original, they may be decorated with Golden letters with a beautiful ornament. Design business cards, made by hot stamping, increases the prestige of their owners.

Screen printing also applies to exclusive methods of issue of cards. When using this method, you can print business cards at the elite grades using thermochem (in this case a company logo or individual elements of the font are three-dimensional). This method ensures the originality and uniqueness of business cards.

The choice of one of the above methods of release of the cards needed to take into account their needs and financial possibilities.

The main ways of making business cards 06.02.2017

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