The main task of the meeting of the BRICS Summit in Goa called «reconciliation of hours»

In India, officially opened the Summit of the BRICS countries.

In India, in the state of Goa, officially opened the eighth summit of the heads of the BRICS countries.

In Images: President of Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin arrives at Goa to attend #BRICS Summit.

— MIB India (@MIB_India) October 15, 2016

This was reported in the Sunday, October 16.

Vladimir Putin met with President of the South African Republic on the sidelines of the #BRICS Summit

— President of Russia (@KremlinRussia_E) October 15, 2016

The summit began with a joint photograph, and then the leaders began to hold the previously scheduled meeting. Started the official program with a narrow meeting, which was attended by the leader of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Brazil Michel Temer, the President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, Prime Minister of India Narendra modi, us Secretary of state China, XI Jinping.

Structures of sand!
National monuments of #BRICS nations carved in sand by @sudarsansand for the 8th #BRICS Summit

— BRICS 2016 (@BRICS2016) October 15, 2016

In an interview to IA «National news» political analyst, Professor of the Pacific state University and doctor of political Sciences Ildus Yarullin noted that the BRICS summit in India should help leaders to determine how the country will develop further policies together and continue their projects in the economic, financial and other fields:

«One of the main objectives of the Summit – as they say, «compare notes». Not to say that currently in the BRICS countries, which are Russia’s partners, has developed a calm and stable environment. These countries are in the zone of turbulence, primarily, economic. Of course, the whole world is now unstable and BRICS has its own situation.

Maybe Goa just now solved the question of how do we work with them to work in the same direction, to develop joint economic projects and financial structures.»

According to the analyst, BRICS clearly shows that Russia is not isolated:

«The summit is taking place in a situation where the U.S. is losing its position due to various circumstances – economic, and political reasons, and in the new oil prices and energy prices. Everything is unpredictable, especially in the atmosphere of war rhetoric, the United States, which aimed at Russia».

So now the main question to be resolved, according to the analyst, will the BRICS and the next created block. According to preliminary indications, we can do that. One of the indicators is to support Russia’s position on Syria by China and India, the expert said.

The main task of the meeting of the BRICS Summit in Goa called «reconciliation of hours» 16.10.2016

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