The magazine Focus called insulting Putin, «an ironic play on words»

The German magazine Focus does not consider it an insult to Vladimir Putin’s phrase, which used the word «dog». As stated by the representative of the publication, it is only «ironic» that «it is impossible adequately to translate into Russian language».

The German magazine Focus was not going to insult Vladimir Putin. This was stated in the publication, writes gazetasi. There called the statement includes the word «dog» to the President of Russia, «an ironic play on words».

«It was a ironic pun with the word «dog». The term «dog» (der Hund) in German is synonymous with the expression «die hard» (harter Hund). Unfortunately, the irony of this phrase cannot be adequately translated into Russian language», — said the press-Secretary of the journal Alice Wagner.

Previously, the magazine had published an article on Angela Merkel. It contained the phrase «She’s afraid of Putin’s dog, but the dog is not afraid of Putin» (Sie hat zwar Angst vor Putins Hund, aber keine Angst vor dem Hund Putin). In the Russian Embassy in Germany has called this statement an insult to the President and demanded an apology from editor-in-chief of the publication.

In his article Focus meant the incident, which occurred in 2007 at a meeting between Putin and Merkel in Sochi residence Bocharov Stream. Then, in the meeting room went Labrador Koni, which greatly frightened the Chancellor of Germany. It is known that Merkel is afraid of dogs since 1995. Later, the President apologized for the accident.

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The magazine Focus called insulting Putin, «an ironic play on words» 14.09.2017

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