The Leningrad zoo gave a bear Snowflake

In the Leningrad zoo there was a snowflake from Yakutia. New pet — one-year-old white bear in St Petersburg for the first time, but settled into a new cage with ease. In the Northern capital the bear was waiting for — after all, the zoo is her cousin.

Every movement of the new inmate of the Leningrad zoo enthralls the audience. Especially children. One-year-old bear having fun exploring your new toy: colored plastic balls, cans of water and a fluffy fir branches.

It is very symbolic that on the day of transfer of the Yakut bear the Leningrad zoo in the city is such a beautiful snowfall. At the national contest in Yakutia, when choosing a name for female polar bear, has received more than 1,000 applications, most of the proposals Khaarchaana that in translation from the Yakut means «snowflake».

White Khaarchaana flew from Yakutsk zoo in Petersburg in the cargo hold. Despite the seven-hour flight, feels good. For the Yakut zoologists it was the first transportation of such a large animal. Petersburg specialists such experience is had: exactly five years ago from the Leningrad zoo to Yakutsk sent a bear cub named Lomonosov that he there gave birth. The bear just have one of his cubs. At the zoo, immediately said: my father.

Khaarchaana easily accustomed to the new place. She plays and fun runs around his cage, especially when something rustles a plastic bag. Such signal officers of the Yakut zoo have trained the bear to run up to the person to get a favorite treat — ice cream. Diet new pet would be complementary to the useful products.

In this indoor cage with bedroom, playroom and pool — young bear will live very long. Soon it will be a bit small. Already, the beast weighs 137 pounds, and will grow by about half. The zoo is almost complete repair of a large enclosure under the open sky. Now there lives the old bear. Most recently, she celebrated the anniversary of 30 years. Delight is the grandmother Harkany. After a few months they will meet.

Anna Morozova, «TV Center», Saint-Petersburg.

The Leningrad zoo gave a bear Snowflake 08.12.2017

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